8 Desserts in 1 Pan Review- Buzzfeed Test #107

HAPPY SEASON 3 PEEPS! This year Im excited to continue pumping out Buzzfeed Tests for you guys, as well as starting up some brand new series on the channel. Enjoy this one, theres many more to come!

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Makayla McNutt says:

Im wondering will making sugar cookies instead of m&m cookies mess something up or it doesn’t matter

Pinkus Dean says:

My only thought when watching the buzzfeed video was
Soggy bottoms, soggy bottoms everywhere

Hanaa Yousof says:

The Return of the Devil Cream: A Saga

Pusheen Cat says:

I wanna slap you for saying cheesecake is disgusting

jeojanged by ongseongwoo says:


Jesse Hout says:

That troll at 8:42

Stephanie Gail says:

finally a youtuber that did this correctly

Naudia Huhn says:


Cat Winchester says:

How does being allergic to peanuts have to do with m&ms?

Makayla McNutt says:

Im wondering if you can’t eat regular M&Ms without peanuts because they may be made in a factory with peanuts

Makayla McNutt says:

I hate cheesecake too and I think the brownie mix from the box might be too runny for this experiment but good any other time

greaser says:

I love & missed you walmart matthew broderick

Grace and Ellie Vlogs says:

Why tf is every boy obsessed with fortnite

not your baby says:

I missed you soooo much!!

AceTheMemeLorde says:

David, please make the Flower Pot cake or the Mille-Feuille

XpenANDpaperX says:

He backkkkk 😉 sexy cowboy!

Alannah Gregory says:


Samantha Villarreal says:

Also that looks amazing!!! you make it look so easy too!

Franchesca Anne Roldan says:

I missed u David!!!!

michelle k says:

THANK YOU , u actually tried Raphael did this but he didn’t even try it was plain annoying & horrible content BUT YOU QUALITY KING

Lauren G says:

Cream cheese is delicious

Belle's Slimes says:

yay you’re back!!!!

ze uber duck says:

David whats your fortnite on ps4 (im level 71 and have 40 wins in solo)

Giovana Rodriguez says:

Try the Fresh Peach Cake Recipe from Cooking Tree

Esra says:

I missed youuu

Fin Dawgz'15 says:

Make the bacon wrapped mashed potato stuffed meatloaf

Aidan Peirce says:

this is so cringe

Tianna Dekruif says:

cheese cake is my favorite. You don’t know what you’re missing

Lydia Griffiths says:

What is with Americans and cream cheese, British cheese cake is great and uses mascarpone.

Leen says:

Mood 2:40-2:42

Milliene Xu says:

DAVID I’m at a stage where I like the video before watching

byronsbooty says:

where the fuck u been

Cherria 愛 says:

I’ve been waiting for this!!!!!

Samantha Villarreal says:

Yess we all missed you. Glad to see you back and betttta than everrr!!

Kat Hardy says:

I’m so glad I’m not the only person who hates cream cheese

Ellie Good says:

What about the banana bread boi

Pusheen Cat says:

M&ms dont always have peanuts they usually are just chocolate

kewl dude33000 says:

When he didnt like the cheesecake i got so angry.

GaarasAngel3 says:

I missed your videos, and you of course 🙂 I hope your break was really great 🙂

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