Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Review – Ice Creamed My Pants

Welcome to Ice Creamed My Pants! On this show the WE crew will review misc ice cream products. On today’s show, Matt Zion reviews Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert!

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o n e l says:

1000th view

noisyturtle says:

I like how Chris says Haggan Daz and Breyer’s is chemical tasting when they only use all natural ingredients.

dinah tutt says:

I’ve tried them all that one is definitely the worse

Kalisto Zenda says:

Try coconut bliss ice cream

Umji says:

pb& cookies and chunky monkey were the best. i’m not sure that there’s even a market for the coffee one. as for this one…at first i was like “bleh. what is this?” then i realized the entire thing is chocolate, and that’s awesome.

toaker says:

For main show 100 get everyone together every member of WE together retired or not

James007HungerZone says:

I agree with Matt the Peanut Butter cookie core one is one of thier best flavors.

StayBlunted925 says:

Hey fatass I recommend you try the new Dreyers frozen custard. The peanut butter pie one….that’s the best one bitch

Nate Sepnefski says:

Non dairy… I don’t even want to think of the flavor

EvansPyroParty says:

Ben & Jerry’s is good ice cream but I won’t spend more than $4 on it

KingKOBRA_ 19 says:

I’m close to the the ben and jerrys at penn state college the first one founded

Jon DGAF says:

Luxury Zombie Apocalypse…..LOL.

Avocadoman92591 says:

so delicious cashew based ice cream is the best

Ken Haberman says:

Chuck is old with that Ren & Stimpy reference. And so am I.

MrCalifas88 says:

I think Matt is becoming a vegan!

Bojan Lukic says:

I love you guys

Kalisto Zenda says:

My favorite is the dairy free chunky monkey and the peanut butter cookie. Least favorite is the fudge and the espresso ones

davek12 says:

A3K has to be there for #100! He’s a guaranteed vomit alert with flair.

Chris Sheldon says:

Wait.. now that I think of it, I haven’t seen A3K or DeathToll in quite sometime.

USARightPatriot1 says:

I don’t think you have this out in California but Yuengling Beer also has an ice cream division and it’s great stuff.

Trevor 87 says:

Blue bell is the best for normal flavors

Mahda Elmi says:

chocolate browbie is the Best in The world

Rott says:

You guys are killing me with the disposable cutlery

Daniel Lussier says:

I’m a district manager for a B&J distributor and the Choc fudge brownie ND is terrible. The Peanut butter and cookies ND is fucking amazing!!! It’s my favorite flavor even over all the regular ice cream.

Arcana Mundi says:

The peanut butter/cookie and mint chocolate chip are the best. The coffee flavor is decent, the chocolate is meh.

Divine Munchies says:

This is my least favorite B&J non dairy ice cream. It kinda sucks! The peanut butter cookies one is soooo goood!!!! My favorite!

Andreas Shabo says:

I’m using internet Explorer so i hope this comes in time. First comment on youtube ever 2005

CB Fall says:

Very great Ice Creamed My Pants video!!

Brandon says:

Haagen Dasz is actually more natural than Ben and Jerry’s.

JPitt1070 says:

God damn the poop wine will be legendary

pyrochemists says:

The name said it all. Not worth buying

Mr. Charles Smith says:

Arctic zero is a low calorie “ice cream” whereas b&j non-dairy is full fat like normal ice cream…..

Cynimax says:

Chuck for the love of god run away.

Pixel Panic says:

I tried Arctic Zero as well and it was fucking terrible and equally expensive.

Jaime Rivera says:

Vegan Food Review!!!! Hell YEAH Matt Zio-mbie

Just Christy says:

Lol aww. This one I liked but I like dark chocolate which is what it tastes like.

Layton Marc says:

Please be more consistent with mean shows so you can actually do the poo

Gus Palentino says:

Of course it taste different there is no milk in it. Milk fat is what makes the ice cream good. But if you are lactose intolerant I’m sure this is super good. Don’t review special products if you can eat the regular products.

scuzzy187 Dowling says:

theyre going to eat their own shit?

Michael Michas says:

Price of Item: $2.40
Money Made Off Video: $5.08
Profit: + $2.68

selbyfan2305 says:

Have you guys tried Halo Top? Lemon cake is my favorite. Tastes just like Duncan Hines lemon cake and frosting, just not as rich as Ben &Jerry’s.

Daniel R says:

You motherfuckers are the most disgusting people ever, I’m so proud of you guys lol. I’m so happy to have met you guys, you have given me many laughs. I don’t why but I’m really excited to see you guys with your poo wine, if some random person did that I would look at them with disgust but when it comes to you guys somehow I always hold you dearly towards my heart maybe that’s because I like you guys you keep me entertained and your personality are funny and your just good people. I hope you guys have an amazing life and don’t die your good people. And please don’t be PC(politically correct) I love dark comedy and my view for life either you can laugh about everything or cry about everything. I prefer to enjoy life and joke around. So stay awesome, funny, weird and crazy. Keep up the great content. 🙂

Keith says:

Artic Zero is what they sell at the dollar store. Its always freezer burned and sold in large quantities; two things that look fishy together.

gunfuego says:

lol hagendaz is dryers and vice versa. It’s like comparing limited edtion to a collector’s edtion video game; they are the same game but one costs more than the other….

Morning Riffs says:


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