Caroline Taste Tests Camp Cooking Dessert Review

Caroline Taste Tests a camp cooking dessert. This is my review of the Backpackers Pantry Hot Apple Cobbler.
Backpackers Pantry Hot Apple Cobbler:

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Linkless Tennessee says:

Good review good information

Danny Schwab says:

Yea don’t look like a great meal. But if your in a survival time and haven’t ate good food this may be great lol. But yea does take alot if time thanks for sharing. Now if the apples was little thicker and the batter thicker bet would be awesome and filling. Sadly now I want some cobbler but but don’t want to make it. Lol. Thanks for sharing. God bless

Couch2Trail YouTube Channel says:

Sounds really good. When I’m out in the wilds I like to keep it simple tho, but that might make a good car camping option for us. Based on the final score tho, probably not lol. Good to know!

Casey1pj says:

I think that you were being generous Caroline. You should have deducted another point for it not even looking tasty. Great review. At least you know never to take that out backpacking.

IamETOH says:

3/10=Fail. Thank you for letting us know ^^

IamETOH says:

Of course, I’m sure you and Corey will both agree that Mountain House is probably the best there is for the most part. ^^

Leo Ryan says:

Yup, not a good desert for backpacking unless you went backpacking to make food you didn’t want to eat. Good review. Honest. I like it.

phyllis mulkey says:

thanks i know not to get that one

Interp66 says:

Awesome review


Good Honest Review .
I agree with your score for the product at 3.
I am not a big fan of Bpp . For a looong time it was the only hiking/camping food product available up here. Let’s just say I was happy when other brands and Mre’s became more available thanks to the Internet .

Doc Ash says:

Seems like a lot of work for that dessert! Very nice review Caroline. Perfect form.

Bushman school says:

Nice vid thank you

Edie Boudreau says:

Usually for doughy mixtures in a pouch. I just squeeze it out of pouch like emptying tuna from a pouch & then spread it. & taking a burning twig over top top might make it cook on top better. I’ve found that freeze dried foods do better if get water in early & let it sit while prepping rest of camp as it helps it cook faster when fully rehydrated. May or may not have helped here.

TnCouponer says:

Great review. Hope you have an awesome weekend..

From The Dust Outdoors says:

Thanks for the honest review. Not sure how they associate something that complicated with backpacking or even camping.


super like

Jeff Smith says:

Thanks for the review. That does seem like a lot of work for a freeze dried meal!

Uncle Bill Metal Detecting says:

Good review

OregonBatman says:

Thanks for that review, very useful! Caroline is cute as can be! 🙂 Thanks guys!

AllaroundNbackagain says:

I’ve always wondered what that tasted like. I think now I won’t be bothers to buy that stuff.

Jöran Jäderberg says:

Great video and a great review and i have to agree with you it took to long to make and i could see that so thanks for this info and i have never heard of that before . You guys always find some new stuff to taste i have never heard about. 🙂

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