Desert Eagle 50 AE

Shooting and discussing the Desert Eagle in 50 AE!
Original Desert Eagle video in 2010:
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Jeffrey F says:

put the slow motion play back and pause buffer while he shoots. soooo insane!

Rosemarie Cooney says:

this has to be our favorite tube channel…. u rock man

Thomas Werner says:

Is there a 10 mag available for this BIG BABY? There should be 10 and 30 round drums for this… 🙂 🙂 🙂

19HajimeSaitou91 says:

That’s Guile’s father. Definitely

Eduardo Codignole says:


Andrew Luebke says:

You just made national news

Hahn Kevin says:

Desert Eagle the most impractical handgun ever mass produced

_|/〉Potat0〈|/_ says:

Dude, this guy can one deag.. I would say that this guy is supreme master

canal_do_ VITU says:

Congratulations for the 2,000 subscribers, I live in Brazil and I love your channel, if you do not understand it very well, it’s because I took it from google translator, please continue with the channel

Anarchy-92 says:

Hey hickok can you maybe try out the Kahr K9 stainless chambered in 9mm and your awsome buddy

Hacker lou says:

4 – 1 Rush B

nokia says:

m dyeing to have 1

theshapeexists says:

I only fire this at END of a range session. That’s why I call it the dessert eagle.

bacorable says:

awful picatinny

ちーろた says:


The Talking Porcupine says:

Pro tip, it won’t shoot through books.

Jake Worden says:

When he said “little gun” it made me think of neebs from bff

itzhamo says:

i think he learned how to aim that well from a hard cover book

ช่างเจมส์ เขาพนม says:


crushedcranium says:

I mean, a gas operated pistol? best thing ever
I also love that your very nonchalant


Love your channel dude!

Huang Adam says:

Soooo Accurate!

Signus says:

Giant Gun

Eduardo Codignole says:

hickok are top

NedYarbNexus says:

i’d probably work well with James bond.

Waffles says:

But can it suppressor

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