Dessert Bullet Review

The Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet is really nifty. Grab some bags of organic frozen fruit and pile it in the chimney for some soft served goodness. I highly recommend this product!


jabbapop says:

Finally! A device to take all that ridiculous shape and texture out of my favorite fruits and turn them into puree!

Viviana Herrera says:

Seriously what’s the point of the fruit being organic and free of pesticide and GMO’s if you just added a shit load of sugar to it defeats the whole purpose of it being a healthy dessert

wHolyHealthNetwork says:

Great vid bro! Totally reminds me of one Stefan and I made. Great tool for fruit. Miss us broskee!

The Patarsan says:

Man, you look like Buddy Holly)

MorningStar says:

I stopped watching when he yelled at his puppy

Gina Cole says:

it is a dEssert bullet, as in ‘after dinner treat’, NOT a “desert bullet” (as in a large sandy land) like he calls it 🙂

Ethann says:

You poured so much sugar in that omfg. You took all of the nutrition out of it. 

Patricia Loomis says:

I agree with Morning Star – no reason for him to treat his puppy like that. I’ll buy Swirlio instead for that reason.

DS says:

sugar? Dude

Jason Pereira Viveiros says:

OMG man!!!! you had a great nutritious snack until you added that bag of diabetes in your bowl lol…Even if it is organic, all that sugar is horrible for you, not to mention that your fruits already have sugar.

Matthew Dodds says:

best review ever

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