Dinner Lady | Lemon Tart Review ( The Best Dessert E-Juice I Ever Had )

Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady is a FANTASTIC blend of lemons , meringue and pastry crust. The lemon flavor is perfectly balanced and not overpowering at all. To top it off, The meringue blends perfectly with the pastry flake. Lemon Tart is a quality all day vape that I believe is a must try for anyone in search of a delicious desert e-juice. 10 thumbs up…

* There are a few things in here I missed while editing such as saying “Reward” instead of “Award” and I also called the brand “Vape Lady” Instead of “Dinner Lady” at the end….. It’s early guys…

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Music is UKULELE by Bensound


Tara Crider says:

Great flavor

Keith Wilson says:

hit it once today I’m new at vaping but this is awesome flavor and lingering aroma.

Samantha Dennison says:

I thought it tasted like fruit loops… Lol

Eric Scott says:

I totally agree one of the best e-juices I have vaped in a long time. Great all day vape.

Something's Fishy says:

Bro best juice on the planet but it takes a few drips to get true flavor

Chris Woodard says:

Totally tastes like fruit loops

Matty Vapes says:

can’t wait to get my hands on this e-juice. great review ✌

Stephen Chambers says:

This had no TH? Usually Citrus ejuice has a major throat hit, So much so that I have to buy in 3mg instead of my usual 6mg. What mg do you suggest for my Triton 2 tank? I like some throat hit, just not painful!

Nick Ashton says:

I got a bottle and i really like it but i can’t vape it for long or I’ll get a head ache that I don’t normally get with it be juices

Jesper stene says:

this taste like popcorn

Ta m1973 says:

Your voice if fantastic…if your not on the radio you should be!

SHADOW says:

this juice is amazing but it’s a bit thinner than what I’m used to and the clouds disappear quickly so it takes some getting used to I would love to see this in a higher vg. great review to man keep it up.

Dragoș Meszaroș says:

Thank you very much , honestly, when i will be coming in the USA (if I will go in this life) , i will be really happy to meet you and talk about juices and every thing Just 30 mins ago i showed a couple of videos that you do to my friends , altough they really enjoy as you do the elaborated way of your flavoring explanings we really enjoy the way you do the videos, the music, words, everything man^_^ and i so thumb up your jokes man :))) (y)

Tacreviews21 says:

I’ll have to get some of this, sounds like my kind of juice

Privatejose B32 says:

Where can you buy t

Dark Sin says:

Dope review I’m gonna try it out

Nanette says:

6am and you did great Sean 🙂

Nanette says:

I keep hearing high praise for this line but haven’t tried it just yet… Im dying to try their new one: Rice Pudding w/jam 🙂

redneckrussian 25 says:

as soon as the video starts, an annoying google ad thing that shows up at the bottom of the video came up and said don’t fight the addiction alone an I just kinda laughed,

João Dário says:

so that little bottle comes ready to use or you have to mix it with something ??

Eric Chimock says:

Dude you should do fucking radio

hollywoodfastlife916 says:

The music reminds of a cooking vid

Chalermphon Tam says:

I love your voice.

ian ashworth says:

oh yeah lemon tart dinnerlady absolutley delicious better than the crappy corflake

bazyt1 says:

Thanks for the review – off to buy some now!

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