Elements of Dessert, Reviewed: The BEST Pastry Book?!

I read through Elements of Dessert by Francisco Migoya and I want to share with you my takeaways, quotes, interesting findings and more!

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Sean Herman says:

In short: let the ingredients to the talking. Dan Barber talked about this a bit in The Third Plate.

Dean Strobel says:

I bought the flavor bible a few months ago, and it was by far the best decision for creative assurance I could have made. Though I love the book, it doesn’t tell you the creative or the practical aspect of putting out great desserts, separate from the most fundamental element of the dish, the flavor. That’s where knowing every element would be of so much value.

Tissue Box says:

love the videos man. Started working in a professional kitchen a couple of months ago and its a blast! your videos have really helped me in getting adjusted to working (especially the physical list tip). Also, i noticed that on your kit site the link for the whetstone holder doesnt work :/. Congrats on your youtube growth as of late 🙂

Miguel Salazar says:

Also some black outline or different color would help here as some of the text is lost on the frosted glass.

Alfonso Duron says:

I think what you are doing is great. There are not to many videos out there that actually shows that becaming a Chef requires more than just reading and making recepie but also be discipline and love for learning and developing new stuff!… keep up with the great work!

Miguel Salazar says:

“We make dessert for people to eat and enjoy” this is so important, as someone who has most of his experience in the eating and enjoying side, a bad dessert, especially when something new and out of the ordinary can ruin the memory of the whole meal.

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