Goodfella’s Sweet Fella’s Chocolate Brownie Dessert Pizza Review

Attack of the long title (the fault of) Goodfella’s as they release a sweet pizza, this one being the Chocolate Brownie flavour. Emmje is joined by Amy & Jason to tackle this flurry-causing treat-za (see what I did there….)
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13athanatosgr13 says:


MikeBizzle87 says:

This is the type of girl that will lick your bumhole boys…. she’s deffo a keeper!!

JmeJ83 says:

Have you tried the Chicago Town Chocolate pizza?

Floatyy AJ says:

They get one piece of Brownie pizza. Then He gets the Whole Entire thing :3

LOLFlyingPotatoes says:

I had this. Spoiler alert – I didn’t like it.

S Miller says:

How did you manage get Joss stone in your videos?


Why was the fat guy swearing all the time fuck me do you speak to your mother with that mouth

EinkOLED says:

On offer for £1.50 in tesco.

Daniel M Turner says:

Something on your channel really annoys me now.

wendalboy says:

What ever happened to amy

Movies by a Kid says:

My kids love Greg Wallace so had to show them your impersonation- spot on they said haha

Jason Cockroft says:

@Ellis Waterhouse: We all gave scores out of 5, so multiply those by 20 and you get your score out of 100

Abaddon Interitus says:

I think it would taste better if you scraped the topping off the dough base and spread it all over Amy’s naked body.

Kipper Dipper says:

Man that looks good, gimme!

dageezerboi says:

And our judges today… ‘Michel Roux Junior’ multi Michelin starred chef extraordinaire. And ‘Greg Wallace ‘Veg expert’. Always cracked me up.

p.s. the sexual tension is still unreal.

Baigy says:

That looked so good

Cooper99 says:

That impression was spot on!

The Somerset cider Mucker says:

you boys creampied here after that pizza

Tyler Worrell says:


Ben W says:

Can you get Amy to review a jumbo hot dog?

Suzanne Johnson says:

So after watching this, I went out and bought one.. I was super disappointed :(. Was vile. Enjoy watching your videos.. keep it up! Although this channel is awful for my diet haha! x

Gemma Smith says:

I want to have a pizza then this for dessert.

Aaron NUFC says:

4:00 ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha love it

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