Guthrie’s Original Sin in a Tin Chocolate Pate Dessert Review

This is a taste test/review of the Guthrie’s Original Sin in a Tin Chocolate Pate Dessert. It was $9.49 at Kroger. 1 ounce (28g) = 130 calories

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Kate Westley says:

It sounded and looked so good, so I’m glad you tried it and I now know not to waste my money, especially considering HOW expensive it is!!

TortillaQuesadilla says:

It would be something I would have tried if I had seen it. I enjoy American chocolate a lot. Real chocolate is too rich for me. Cute package. Tfs!

Supermonkey 1964 says:

Thank you for saving me $10. Although i don’t think i would have bought this anyway for that price. Tht’s just ridiculous. I don’t think it could have possibly lived up to my expectations for that amount of $.

But speaking of Ritz Crackers we used to make Peanut Butter Crackers at Christmas Time & covered them in Melted Chocolate. Yummy! You need to use a good quality Chocolate though. 🙂

Jan O says:

LOL…..I know some pretentious people who probaby buy that 🙂 Crazy!

Emily Alsop says:

The top looks like a hostess cupcake design 🙂 I like those little spoons, they’re so cute!! A chocolate whip style yogurt would probably be better, and way cheaper. It only has 6g of sugar, no wonder it’s not sweet.

Steve Page says:

I think, If they had put an eighth of a tin into a little glass ramekin and charged $2 each it would have made more sense and they would have sold a lot more.

Ashly Menard says:

That looks so good, but $9.49 seems like a high price for something that isn’t even that big.

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