Honest Review: The Dessert Pigeon, Real Steel-Inspired Blaster

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hunter ladron says:

Have you played halo 3 odst

Desmond Griffin says:

MY Dream gun…..I want it 0.0

Imabubble yay says:

how can we buy one of those?

Beskar says:

Would be great to see some sort of revolver with that kind of cage but no idea how one would do that.

robert mcdermott says:

would that be called a tanto mag if u print out a smaller 1

Stink Busch says:


Al the CHICKEN says:

Im not going to tell you what is in this box but I’m putting it on the thumbnail and in the title

DURR says:

If he makes the slide slam back when you fire it I’d buy like a rainbow of them.

Ben Davis says:

Please make a 1911

Breaker_Jones says:

“not gonna tell you what’s inside…”
Bruh i saw the damn thumbnail and video title…lol

whatstdiggn says:

Make the barrel orange so when you pull the slide all the way back there isnt a black barrel sticking out.

Lord JT says:

It’s desert

Richie Lewis says:


Matt McCoy says:

I think he went with honey badgers because of the small diameter flywheels. They need really high rpm to get the same surface velocity as standard wheels. The optimal motors for this probably are honey badgers or the 180 wolverines if you could fit them. Neo-fangs would probably make the performance worse.

Connorocker says:

I like the outro music! Go ship wrek!

Jarate Hunter says:

After seeing a katana mag fit in a blaster’s handle, I really need to see full auto/select fire MP7 mockup.

Another thing I’ve been wanting to see is a Skorpion Evo 3.

Lucien Genova says:

It is designed for 3s
love it, I’m gonna have to print one!
Maybe in resin?

Tripp Miller says:

I always thought FTW mean f*** the world

cookiesw says:

Umm drac? That with a few tweaks would make a perfect jackal from alucard

gabe politsch says:

probably the P90

hunter ladron says:

Paint the tip glow in the dark orange paint

patrick roath says:

A real steel tommy gun 🙂

Captain Frank Hawks says:

Honestly a decent old west style foam flinger. Like six chambers for half length with along barrel. I just don’t know hoe to pull it off. Would the chambers be spring loaded or would there be hidden fly wheels? How would you think it would work?

hunter ladron says:

Someone should mod this into the casul 454 from hellsing

randomness says:

No excuses non makers

Hmmm how about money

timber901 says:

I’d like to see an M16A1 or a minigun. How about a colt Peace Keeper.

Mineblox86 says:

I want to see an M93R lead-flinger fling foam. It’s a pistol that’s select-fire, with semi, 3-round-burst, and full-auto.

o r i c o mオリコム says:

an MP-40 or a Thompson would be perfect, especially with long katana mags

Eli Webster says:

The sickest stryfe reskin, ever.

Reiky Foxxe says:

The mag release is very much like the walther p99 and Pk380

Zach Underwood says:

Desert not dessert

SATA V says:

I would love to see you in a full Alucard cosplay with two of those, that would be absolutely amazing.

Z3r0 Char1sma says:

I’d like to see a Glock

hunter ladron says:

Boomco is making a boomco socom magnum

Dino Croc says:

If you make a smaller Katana magazine call it a Wakizashi (Roughly a Katana between 12 and 24 inches) and try to sell it on foamblast

Asherspindasher says:

That’s a spicy meatball 5:22

JOKER 69 says:

Hi my name is al sir I am a huge fan of yours I learnt modding by watching your videos sir I have just got into Nerf modding but my friends always make fun of me so I would like to know if u could feature my channel in your new video and give me a shout out to make me a bit famous for my friends
Much love sir al

Core 1948 says:

I want 2 for duel weald

Isheian says:

Otaku, nerf, and real steel references in one video? 15/10!!

Bertramzenzyg says:

Hi guys. Im a 13 year old a little weaker than average. Do you think I can still prime a nerf rival Kronos?

justice ferguson says:

i hade that same idea

Ryan O'Leary says:

Do a G18 as the next real steel foam flinger

Christopher Winter says:

Well the katana mags makes it looks like it has a extended mag

Charlie Nguyen says:

can you use it in NBL the nerf blaster league

Rylan Miller says:

p30 any day plus its bullpup

Jacksini 07 says:

Hellsing ultimate is the best dude!

hunter ladron says:

This could be the 454 casul from hellsing

Knut Storoygard says:


Cokapoo101 Tyler says:

Anyone go to Ragnarocktoberfest

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