How to Make HUGE Gummy BLEACH Bottle Shape Jelly Dessert Easy DIY Gummy Soda Jello!

I know, bleach jokes are bad and old. please



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Just_another_Tøp_fan 4302 says:

He actually sounds like those people

soullessleaf 578 says:

Fucking accurate

Karate Shark says:

He kinda sounded like Morty

gr8 b8 m8 says:


Lincoln Loud says:

What a masterpiece

meme king says:


Tahlia says:

Oh my god, he sounds like mr Poopy-butthole from Rick and Morty.

Andrew Wang says:

Why was this recommended for me?

Martinme4o says:

If i ever want to killmyself i want to die eating bleach gummy

clorox Bleach says:

look what they’ve done to me

Kittycat40 says:

he sounds like morty

The Meme Man says:

Is he ok?

TheRandomShow says:

Dank vid bro you really did good impression of that autistic guy.

CrabMeat says:


CatPlaysGames says:

I made it hollow and filled it with water…

Yeh my parents didnt even give a shit

MacePingu says:

clickbait he didnt actually made gummy bleach!!!!

G. M says:

How about we don’t all of that and just drink the bleach??

sinatra williams says:

How the fuuuuuuuuuck I he not dead

iGotAllTheJams says:

so savage =)

Star Star says:

Ewwwww that voice

Joshuxx says:

This is amazing

Zorastorm 32 says:

My god I thought I was hearing Morty teaching me How to make gummy bleach :0

Let’s use it on the fans who joined after season 2

joji says:

squeeky morty

Erickaiju1954 says:

Not only can you drink bleach, now you can eat it!!

Chara Paint says:

Why does he sound like morty

Ashley Cimkowski says:

Real life morty.

Twinkie Unit says:

The voiceover guy sounds like Steven Suptic doing a stupid voice

SuperYoshiFan10090 Studios says:

I bet that was a pain in the ass to clean that up

Luca Roda says:

“Sees title”
Hmm.. another cancerous 5 year old sounding guy with no life
“Looks at channel”
I’m in for a good one…

Squidtasti c says:

Thx new way to kill my self

HoboJoe says:

Seriously, that massive bite he took drove me crazy…

Don't Debate With Me Filthy Casual says:

He made ricegum

Jonathan Darrah says:


Kingdom Vortex says:

Fucking priceless.

Royce Brewer says:

Morty is that you??

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