Indonesian Street Food – Chocolate Cheese Martabak Dessert

In Indonesia, there are generally two types of martabak: 1) Sweet Martabak and 2) Savory Martabak (one with egg and meat).

This one here is a sweet martabak. During assembly, it looks a bit like a Chicago style deep dish pizza. Common fillings used in this Indonesian sweet treat are crushed peanuts, chocolate rice (or chocolate sprinkles), grated cheese, and condensed milk.

Murtabak or martabak, also mutabbaq (Arabic: مطبق‎‎) (Thai: มะตะบะ), is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread which is commonly found in Saudi Arabia (especially the Tihamah and the Hejaz regions), Yemen, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. Depending on the location, the name and ingredients can significantly vary. The name mutabbaq (or sometimes mutabbag) in Arabic means “folded”.
In Indonesia, the Murtabak is one of the most popular street foods and is known as “martabak”.


grace surbakti says:


Hafidz Nugroho says:

. . .semua kata rindumu semakin membuatku . . .wkwk, salfok lagunya

huỳnh như says:

Xem mà phát thèm

Nova Scula says:

it won’t cause you diabetes, because we dont eat it alone. maybe just 1 or 2 pieces. we shared it with another.

John lizzwood says:

dick-cheese rat poop sweetcum cheesecake. MMMMMMmmmmm yummy

lex winn says:

enak..enak..n enak…

Fini Lah says:

To much butter

Xang Xung says:

For those who say this is too much and can cause diabetes, well we actually share this food, so I think one person only eats 2 or 3 slices and I think it’s the perfect amount to still feel the indulgence. If you eat too much, absolutely you’re gonna throw up

Dody S Christian says:


kitty purry says:

The local seller around my house make this but twice speed…. it’s always satisfying seeing them make it

Cherry gege says:

One of my favorite ❤

Agus Sajalah says:

Its perfect if you wearing glove

Gembel Gaming says:

Asongan bro

nyoto wiyono says:

Hhh I am lissen taqbiran

Joe Food 2017 says:


seon says:

와 연유를 얼마나 뿌리는겨

Fehmida Niazi says:

What’s this sweet dish name?

Nsbs 999 says:

So dangers food

Cheryll Yang says:

i live in canada and all we have r just maple pancakes. i dont mind the diabetes i just crave them

Hei Ki says:

You should name it Sweet Martabak or Indonesian say, Terang Bulan (moon light, for it looks like shiny round shaped). While Martabak is savory one with minced beef and else and fried.

BecholStar says:

Yeaah Indonesia Juga Adaa….
Enakkk Tuhhh Martabak Nyaa Hehehe……

Ecca Anderson says:

You can buy it just 1 or 2USD

Janitor says:

Ill take my cheese and cake separate.

Alfian Duran says:

I’m Indonesian. I can eat this sweet yummy martabak everyday. There are 5 sellers around my home. I’m really grateful.

Rae Williams says:

Omg, it looks so delicious I’m having mouth wathering now, but sadly, there’s no like that here in the Philippines, gonna visit Indonesia.

SubbagPP BPPK says:

This is one of the most unhealthiest food on earth. But def wort trying though, I love the green tea flavor one.

eom vlog / 엄브이로그 says:

전에는 중국도 저런 음식을 팔던데 아시아쪽에선 유명한 길거리 음식인가봐요

Kerupuk Gacha says:

I thought its terang bulan not mertabak

Taiwanese Republic says:


Septian Ery says:

Hy iam from Indonesia and this food its my favourite ,.its so good ..even not “healthy” but its sooo sooo “tasty”…

Arzetha Bella says:

Makanan favoritq


This is not martabak this is the terang bulan

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