Is the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party Worth $80? ❄️

The Frozen Ever After Dessert Party was a great experience, and when I am back at Disney for the 4th in the future I would go back without hesitation, but is it worth $80 on a “Standard Fireworks” Night? Today, I tackle that question.

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Jean MacFarland says:

It is definitely a tough call, but I would do it again just for the reserved seat and the ride on Frozen after. I liked heading back into World Showcase as people were leaving and liked it even more being the only ones on the ride and then being one of a few people leaving the park. I know everyone says that it is easy to find a good spot for Illuminations but I don’t think it is unless you stand or sit on the ground for a very long time. I met My Disney Family member Marla Chan when checking in and we ended up at the same table. I recognized her from her posts on Facebook!

coffeeCHATchick says:

If it were me, husband, and son, $240 is a hefty price. I don’t think we’d do that. But when I do Disney solo, I love doing dessert parties. It’s a great way to relax before fireworks and not be sitting in a crowd by myself for a long time. Plus, desserts are always cool!

Holly Heidt says:

Do you think it would be worth it to go if you couldn’t eat chocolate? Are there enough non-chocolate options to make it worth the money?

NurseRhonda44 says:

We’ve done the Star Wars Dessert party twice. For us, they are one and done. The first time we did it, it was fun. The second time…not so much. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Carole Flynn says:

Love your honesty Michael.

Brice Bokesch says:

I am doing this when I go down in August!

Annamae M. says:

I would like to do the Frozen dessert party AT LEAST once in my life, just so that I can say I did it haha but it definitely might not be something to do everytime I go to Epcot. Very expensive in my opinion

Alyssia Byers says:

I think to make the party worth it, you have to eat A LOT of the food. And if anyone eats A LOT of those types of food they will probably get sick! The viewing area and ride is a nice perk but that is still a lot of money if you x by 4 people for an average family!

Adam Schecter says:

Hello, Excellent video’s. Your near Gaithersburg? I grew up in Gaithersburg and Damascus. Will you be in WDW the end of August? If so I’ll shout you out and buy you dinner : ) BTW I recommend a video with your opinions on wether or not Disney After Hours is worth the price considering it is only three hours. I’d like some footage showing how crowded those events actual are. Thanks , Adam

kikky811 says:

I agree, it’s worth it during very busy time or special fireworks….
And maybe if you are there solo MAYBE
For a family of 3, 4 or 5 – I can’t see paying $300+
I’d rather spend the $ elsewhere as well.

Susan says:

We did the dessert party back when Hollywood Studios had the Osbourne lights..that was prenominal to say the least! We also did one at Epcot where you were outside the entire time, no chairs, you had to stand. We left early, had been standing and walking all day and the dessert had tables but no chairs? I was disappointed to say the least. BUT! I went to another dessert party at the Magic Kingdom and was able to sit down and enjoy the desserts. We were at Tomorrowland Terrace and before the fireworks we did have to move to see the fireworks.

Melissa Martin says:

If you’re diabetic this definitely wouldn’t be a good spend on money! While my kids might be happy to get to do this, I would have to pay for me to just sit there.

young_civic_ 20 says:

I would have also lol I would have been sick from eating so much lol

Jenny Buchanan says:

We did the Wishes dessert party in 2014 & it was pretty awesome but I dont know that I would at the MK with the current show (even though there are two options for seating so it can be a little cheaper). After this video, I am wondering/hoping this party is open in late February because I’m considering it as a celebration of completing the Princess Half Marathon. Given the fact adult beverages are included makes the $80 more bareable, considering one drink can be $8-$14 easy. It’d be nice if they included a meet & greet with Anna & Elsa, too… that’d really beef up the value.

David says:

2015 was the first time I heard of Dessert Parties at WDW. I wanted to experience it then and again in 2017 when I went on my solo vacations. I didnt. I also had the dinning plan and yes it was free dinning but it was already a lot of food. Im going back to WDW on another magical vacation next year and am looking at this and Happily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Parties. Both sound good although Happily Ever After” Fireworks Dessert Party might be cheaper. Maybe next year is the year I do this. One dessert party I will not do is Hallo Wishes. I feel u are already paying for the party experience and it takes away from me enjoying character meet and greets, etc. I enjoyed the Pumpkin Cheesecake and Haunted Mansion Tart for a lot less and was satisfied. But would love to try a dessert party one day.

coffeeCHATchick says:

Haha!! It’s so easy to overindulge at the dessert parties!

Pixxie Princess says:

WoooooooW thank you for posting this, I am goin in Nov. For Dapper Day weekend n was thinking which dessert pty should I go too.
I’ve been on the Tiana Riverboat dessert pty n firewotks which was mad fun…

LeeAnn A says:

Great review! Completely agree with you.

Pam Levenstein says:

I feel for a family the price is to high. For 2 people who also have a few drinks then maybe a better deal for them. Thank you for sharing I would have not known about the event

Emma & Jon - You're Welcome! says:

Great review.
Thank you for suffering through all those desserts so that you could share this with us 🙂

Nichole Briggs says:

I absolutely love this advice and I haven’t heard it from anyone else, which is saying a lot because I spend a LOT of time looking up tips for Disney World! Thank you, Michael!

Mj Brooklyn says:

Ouch 79.00$$ no thanks

Amber Hanneken says:

I feel like for the price Elsa and Anna should be there.

Natalie Bachmann says:

We did the Wishes dessert party a couple of years ago at the Tomorrowland Terrace location. I agree – SO MUCH FOOD LOL 😀 but it was awesome to see Tinkerbell fly right above our heads! That was a magical experience <3
Also, I saw the 4th of July fireworks at Epcot one year and I know what you mean about the special ending! lol. The fireworks were SO BIG that I thought something was wrong!! I had never seen anything like that before in my life!! lol it was wonderful 😀

Awesome Mr. O0923 says:

I didn’t want to waste one of my fast passes on FEA so we just did it so we could ride it

kikky811 says:

I know you’re going back to WDW in September.
Any Disney cruises planned?
Have you considered the one on the Magic from NYC?
It stops for a full day at Walt Disney world, park hopper pass is included.
Also stops at castaway cay. We wanted to do it last October, this year it’s in November so it’s will be colder… hopefully not too bad in Florida and Bahamas.
These sailings tend to go on sale, meaning the GT restricted rates….

Carol Miller says:

Thanks for the another great review Michael. We did several dessert parties for many years; however, it was always part of our “package” which our travel group had arranged. Once we did a ferry boat tour around Seven Seas Lagoon/Bay Lake with a view of the Magic Kingdom fire works and an up close look as the Electrical Water Pageant passed us several times. Another one was in EPCOT’s England outside eating area with a view of the fireworks. Again, in EPCOT, we had one inside Canada and they walked us to a special fire works viewing area just for us. They were all private parties before these BIG PARTIES started. We always had plenty of awesome, specialty, tasty desserts However, these parties are probably a thing of the past – as a special note, we started our DISNEY adventures back in 1982. WE very much appreciate your talents in providing us great tips, opinions, and suggestions – and as always, your time and energy is recognized by all. Keep them coming…

Robert Rothenburgh says:

I think if Disney includes a character meet and greet would be awesome during the dessert party can you imagine Anna and Elsa there with you I think that would be fantastic

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