Italian Food Review – Eating Local Pasta and Dessert in Matera, Italy

Come join us for an Italian food review as we try eating local pasta and dessert in Matera, Italy at The Cave Sassi Restaurant (La Grotta Nei Sassi Ristorante) serving Cucina Tipica Materana. Located just two minutes away from our airbnb apartment we beat the crowds by arriving as soon as it opened at 12:30 for lunch in Matera. Instead of getting a full course Italian meal we opted for just wine, pastas and desserts. It ended up being a great lunch and great introduction for us to Materana and Basilicata food.

Pasta in Italy Dishes (Materana cuisine):

1) Orecchiette pasta with Cardonecelli mushrooms and pork sausage – 9.00 Euros
2) Ferricelli fondue cheese Podolico porcini mushrooms and pistachio – 10.00 Euros

Dessert in Italy menu (Materana desserts):

1) Pie ricotta cheesecake and pears – 4.00 Euros
2) Chocolate pie and caramelized walnuts – 4.00 Euros

Wine for two (500 mL) and coperto charge for two

Pasta Restaurant in Matera, Italy:

The Cave Sassi Restaurant (La Grotta Nei Sassi Ristorante)
Cucina Tipica Materana
Address: Via Rosario 73 (Via S. Biagio), 75100 Matera MT
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12:30 to 3PM & 7:30 to 11:30PM
Phone: 0835 334891

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Italian Food Review – Eating Local Pasta and Dessert in Matera, Italy Travel Video Transcript:


This is part of our Travel in Italy video series showcasing Italian food, Italian culture and Italian cuisine.

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Effie Colida says:

Sam and Audrey another great video I always look forward to watching you guys explore the world You are GREAT

JJ's Journey says:

Oh, this looks delicious! We’re actually really missing Italian food on our travels here in Southeast Asia…

anne Chung says:

One must always eat orrechiette in Basilicata.

Mylon Ash says:

Hey Sam!  You have got to do something to get Rob off Little Corn.  He’s turning into a hermit!  LOL  Nice video and food.  Killer edit!

anne Chung says:

Awesome. I’ve been twice to Matera.

chromepinman says:

You guys are so much fun! Found you recently looking for Hongkong videos! I was there in 87 for a ten day Oddesy! Was able to stay with a friend there from the states working for an electronic company! FREE RENT! That was back in my DRINKING days so you can imagine it helped arrange the Odessy! Haha! You were wondering about Netflix vids to watch. Here’s my recommendations …….Silicon Valley A great comedy series…….Westworld a great scifi series………….stranger things…..strange scifi……….Narcos. A Pablo Escobar Story about the drug lord in Columbia!………Surfwise….the story of a doctor quitting his profession and raising surfing kids in a motel home in the 60s………..I have other suggestions I’ll think of later and send on. Hope you dig some of them. Also check out my channel for great music,science,travel,art, and odd videos I’ve saved from the great and mighty YOUTUBE. Google got a deal for 60 BILLION! Peace and LOVE ya’ll !

Anatoliy Pavliuk says:

… gone to empty my fridge

Dutch Nomad Couple says:

I think one could make just a full-time youtube channel with only covering Italian food… or just maybe just niche into the ‘sponsy’ breads haha

asi hablo zaratustra says:

Se me hace agua la boca con esas pastas !!! sigan así, intento descifrar lo que el traductor de youtube quiere decirme, pero igual los veo …Saludos desde Paraná Entre Ríos Argentina.

Pd: Calculo que pronto los veremos bailando una Tarantela al final de algún video”.

FitAngie says:

Everything looks fantastic, my parents are Italian, I was born in Australia bit I grew up with all he yummy pastas and home made creations. Awesome video guys

Andreas Gircuru says:

In many of your videos judging by Sam’s face, he could be fed by salmon and cheesecake for the rest of his life. You’re my Idol

HM Truong Anh Thu says:

wine: It’s refreshing

Kyle Jeffery says:

Pretty cool stuff. A bit expensive but i’m sure a memorable experience for you two. Thanks for sharing.

terri binkley says:

Happy Valentine’s day you two lovebirds great video as usual . I really needed this today missing my husband like crazy .

Mill Burray says:

Italian food is always right!!

Arnold says:

Sam Rockin’ the Jaipur

rotitelor says:

Getting charged to sit is the norm for Italy. I never tried asking if I could stand and eat.

john bates says:


snowywinter9 says:

So…I reckon you won’t be going back into that restaurant anytime soon, because of the tiny, tiny tip you left them 😀

Vak Najdenov says:

Hello.Great video ! 🙂

Julie Moran says:

Love this one!! And I’ve noticed,Audrey has two speeds: Regular and slow-mo.

SunFlowers Vixen says:

Wow amazing vlog

Hernan Enriquez says:

What do they do with handicapped people? That town looks horrendous!

Richard Cotton says:

The opening camera shots would make for a great puzzle.

Cassie Thomas says:

I love you guy! Beem watching for over a year now. Ill be going to italy and greece this summer! Super excited

Richard Bryant says:

I don’t agree with restaurants adding service charge on the bill, it does put you off leaving a tip

David & Barbara Mielke says:


ʝσυяиєу мαи says:

Another great video guys! Have you tried the Cannoli?

DelishTraveller says:

Loved the chocolate lava cake shots.

kamuzu says:

I would walk over broken glass to get to that ricotta-pear-cheesecake! Great video as usual.

Slab Bulkhead says:

Looks like great food but I’d hate to try to have a private conversation there. The acoustics really did sound like a cave, which, of course, it was.

marius smerea says:

Hello Sam and Audrey! Hmmmmm…yammy. yammy! Red wine, pasta excellenta! Cake with fruits & chocolate! Thank you!

mathew Plays clash royale says:

How do u guys order your food in europe we found in italy people didnt speak english amd menu wasnt in english or is just we were doing something wrong

deu kisch says:

I don’t know if you did, but if you are still in matera, you have to try the original matera bread there.

Valerio Consorti says:

There is no need to tip in Italy! Awesome video guys, I just found your channel and Find it very entertaining! Subbed!

Aileen Rosenberg says:

If there is reincarnation I want to come back as you guys! What a beautiful life. Thank you for sharing your amazing adventures.

Shannon E Migliori says:

I thought tipping wasn’t the norm in other countries other than the US. Great video. Enjoy watching you guys!

Uranija Zeus says:

Enjoy Italy. It’s like a dream. Good to see you!

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