Jell-O No Bake Pumpkin Style Pie Dessert Preparation & Review

In this video, we are preparing and then reviewing the Jell-O No Bake Pumpkin Style Pie Dessert. It has a creamy taste and texture of pumpkin pie flavored with cinnamon and ginger. It was $2.15 at Meijer. 1/8 package (33g) = 220 calories (prepared)

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coffeeloverreaderwriter says:

I love the taste of pumpkin, so I’ll be passing on this mix (my favorite is the oreo one). Thanks for the review.

Claire Sharbino says:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen their pumpkin pie no bake mix. We love their no bake cheesecakes, I normally have a box on hand. If I happen to come across one of these I’d love to try it out. Especially with cool whip!

Aleen R says:

Too bad there’s not much pumpkin flavour.. that’s the best part!

Donna Bruhn says:

Even though this looks good and I love pumpkin I wouldn’t try this or pumpkin pudding. There are just somethings that have no appeal to me

Generally Awesome says:

As a pumpkin pie connoisseur this just looks depressing to me I could never try it. I’d much rather just buy a premade frozen or bakery pie, even Wal-Mart pie is way more appetizing. Wal-Mart pumpkin pies are great for 4 bucks.

Luke Carrigan says:

Again. No Pumpkin in the UK. It’s Pumpkin Pie eating contest day tomorrow. Shoutout to BeardMeatsFood.

TheRealDia says:

Pumpkin style? Lol

Armen Avakyan says:

Great video. That’s a shame that it doesn’t really taste like pumpkin, it looked really good though.

Adam Huzzey says:

Lost me at “pumpkin style” lol. To me that translates to, “it’s orange and we dumped ginger and nutmeg in it.” I guess it’d work in a pinch, or as something you could take to an office party and stick in the corner 🙂

Darriane Mabry says:

Ew lol

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