Keto Review Show | Keto Desserts, Bread and New Grill

Keto Review Show | Keto Desserts and New Grill
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Keto Review Show | Keto Desserts and New Grill
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Codey Story says:

I love how happy Matt looked as soon as the grill scene started. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks!!!

randomhuman19 says:

These are my favorite videos. It really helps because there are so many Keto products I cant keep up, or sometimes not even aware. I respect your evaluations. Hope youll do lots more of these.

Jamila Lewis says:

I love this review video matt and megha rawness is so refreshing.

shurppa64 says:

Two part video ,,,, I’ll pass.

luz naranjo says:

Can you give us some other ways on how to use isopure cookies n cream other than the bombs. I bought a big bottle. Love your channel. Lost 16lbs so far and feeling better about myself. Thank you both.

Lisa Anderson says:

A hamburger bun is only 21 grams of carbs so why not just eat the real thing?

Karole G says:

I’m loving your channel

FatForWeightLoss says:

$20 cast iron all the way

J S says:

Shit fuck trimmed his stupid looking beard. Well he still is a putz

P. Youhana says:

$1300 for grill wow no thanks. Rather use my smoker and cook steak on cast iron then oven for few minutes

Cc 137 says:

Thank you for the info!

Bettye's Cooking Channel says:

Thanks for the great Keto review.

peter norton says:

i like the grill BRO!!!

Vira C says:

How are you eating stuff with almond flour Megha!

Night says:

So jealous of that grill.

Shannon Yancey says:

I love Matt’s face trying the chocolate bar

Dan Winkler says:

Do you have any concern about carcinogens being generated by cooking meat at high heat?

David Massey says:

$1200 for a fancy broiler seems over the top.

I feel ya on the smoked steak. For steak; I like to cook it on the stove; get my Traeger super hot; then I pop the steaks over to the Traeger and turn it to smoke. Let them chill in that smoke bath for 5 minutes, take them out and let them rest. It’s pretty good.

twn5858 says:

Too commercial for me. I’m sure all this keto crap cost an arm and a leg. No thanks, I’ll buy the cheap stuff at the grocery store.

Amy Skinner says:

I’m always looking for a good tasting vegan protein powder. I’m tired of choking down Vega products.

C Kennedy III says:

Love the grill but holy cow it is expensive $1300.00 way too rich for my budget!

Ibon Slayton says:

$30 dlls for 4 ketobuns??

Sofia Tarnovsky Grein says:

You guys have the best job

Codey Story says:

And don’t listen to these jelly assholes. Buy what you want.

reiben55 says:

wedding bands!

babybluex says:

Why dont you wear your engagement ring?

golfinguna says:

food and supplement companies have ruined our food and our pallets with junk food laced with additives and chemicals, now it seems they are jumping on the Keto bandwagon and doing the same thing.

Cassie Oz says:

What an obscene amount of packaging! Try eating food, not ‘food-like-product-of-factory’

Dean Armstrong says:

Been waiting for someone “I know and trust” to review that grill. Thanks guys!

Beautiful Purpose says:

Just seen your insta. Please say its a MSA channel. (Nothing to do with keto, but we eat keto during.. ) Im hoping thats it. Cant wait to find out

D E L P H I says:

You guys need a sous vide

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