Lello Musso Pola 5030 Dessert Maker – Review

A review of the Lello Musso Pola 5030 Dessert Maker.
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kwak kwak says:

Wauw, this fits perfectly in my one bedroom apartment.
Maybe i can live in it ( always wanted airco  in my kitchen)

Alin Marginean says:

My OCD would go ballistic at the sight of ice cream down the paddle shaft.

Alin Marginean says:

What about a review of the Breville? This machine is a nightmare.

david on says:

great review.

Tae Hagen says:

I know that this is about Ice Cream, but I really want to know the name for the background music from this song. I know it is in the youtube creator studio library. Anyone know?

tac tix says:

Haii Ruben,
is the machine same with Lello Musso STELLA Pola 5030??
what is the different?

Raymond Ng says:

looking forward to purchasing this machine

I Scream From Marz says:

Okay, if you’re getting a burning rubber smell it’s because you’re running the motor too long. You’re not supposed to get the ice cream to a hardened state from the machine itself. The motor isn’t built for that in ANY small batch machine. 
Hardening is the freezer’s job.
Otherwise though seems an awful lot of money for 2 quarts.

john celletti says:

why not screw the cap nut back on with the dasher/paddle removed or cut the finger off a rubber glove and use this to cover the rod and prevent ice cream from getting into the rod

Michael Kleine-Tebbe says:

Hi Ruben, this is Michael from Germany. In behalf of this Review, a few weeks ago, we´ve bought the Musso Pola Stella 5030 (as it´s called in Germany). Very good decision, based on your statements here…! 🙂 We completely agree with you. The 5030 is build very solid. It´s a design-classic & a beauty – and it produces very very good icecream. Personally I don´t like timers on a machine like this, even more as it makes no sense when you´re making different icecreams, which all need a different approach, timewise. And much more, when you´re experimenting/playing with the recipes. Anyway, it´s such a good machine and so much fun to work with. Of course, the dasher could be improved (to reduce the gap to the walls of the bowl) and the central pin too (as you mentioned in the video). We also always remove the plastic bushing which you can see when you turn the dasher upside down. As we found out, this is an area where microbes “grow” and they need to be removed regularly. Anything else? Well, no burning rubber smell at all on our machine. And the noise while it´s freezing isn´t worth to be criticized. Enough power to freeze the icecream until it´s ready to be removed from the bowl. Absolutely happy so far. The next step of a freezer? Well, for us would certainly be the Emery Thompson CB-350. So Thanks Ruben! Well done. Reliable, valueable information, provided by someone who really loves “making icecream”. See you, Michael

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