MHP Arms Dessert Pigeon Review

This is is WAY too much fun!

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The Frogstronaut says:

The talon compatible version has no mag release if that becomes a bigger issue for you

Michael Huettl says:

We are getting close to 100k

stephen butler says:

Amazing Nerf Handgun Captain

Corey Holmes says:

Where is the best way to get a Nerf Vulcan

Matt says:

Glad you gotten one. I love it in orange.

de modelbouwjongens nl says:


gamer guy says:

Does anyone else wish it looked like a magnum from halo

Telemachus2814 says:

I find it slightly annoying that everyone associates the Desert Eagle with the .50 Caliber version. Desert Eagle makes more than just the .50 cal model.

Uni aka fire says:

Samurai edge resident evil anyone

Mark Dawson says:


Louis Favreau says:


Sir_Meow_ 77 says:

It looks rather similar to an H&K USP Match, as the Match was a rather chunky pistol.

Nekra Tatsumaki says:

If you print the extra one in reverse colors they can be Ebony and Ivory lol

Flex Gopnik says:

Hmm…maybe a lever under the trigger guard…

Booette 69 says:

New year new intro

Adyn Holden says:

i need two so i can play as deadpool with my twin katanas

Ben Judy says:

Whoa whoa whoa, is that Cap shooting right handed at 0:17? Heresy!

Nathan Talisien says:

I’m still really torn about this one… My nerd side loves it and wants one, but the cynical and pessimistic parts of me are dreadfully worried about the realistic size and shape. Color doesn’t mean as much as many in our hobby try to make ourselves believe; it’s not at all hard, or very expensive, to get a real firearm custom colored. I know one person with two colored Glocks; I can never keep the model numbers straight, but they’re both chambered for 9mm, one is a full size frame and the other is the compact size. The full size is Blaze Orange, the compact is in a kind of olive drab looking color.

I’m not the only one worried about the similarity, either. There are a few cops who come to our local games, one who plays with his kids and two more that are volunteers to observe while in uniform if they’re available just for safety reasons. Since it was released the Dessert Pidgeon has come up in conversations a few times, and it makes all three of them nervous, too.

de modelbouwjongens nl says:

mabye get 1 but give it a bigger barrel and a stock point so you have a cabine
also a idea mabye get/build a drum mag like the German ww2 Luger

Jackson Goodfellow says:


Annelise Olsen says:

Dessert Pigeon? Heh. It sounds like a cake, with lots and lots of whipped cream, custard, and a dollop of jam.

Corey Holmes says:

Did you know NERF is making a n strike elite mini gun

Nerf Guy on the Bench says:

Will it take talons?

Meow121325 says:

i like that new end thing and also BANGARANG

American Foam says:

Yes. Evil cackling was my first reaction after building and firing mine too! Great community-made blaster.

Charles Randall says:

Walcoms7 Needs to get one of these.

de modelbouwjongens nl says:


but i need cash…….

Daniel Lahaie says:

OK I’ll be honest

It’s the Titanfall autopistol

totophi says:

“Squiffy” = “queef” + “shifty”? 😀

TruncatedJunk says:

I can’t put mine down it’s just to much fun in a compact package! #PigeonFTW

Nerfer 99 says:

Chambered in 50. AE. Darts!

THE pacifists says:

Hey captain, i just wanted to say thanks to you, walcom, and all the other nerf tubers who have been my only entertainment while im in the hospital with my broken femur lol. So thank you for the smiles sir and keep up the fantastic work.

Ciaran O Dubhgain says:

If its snowing why are you not outside .

William says:

I have wanted a nerf pistol with a mag in the handle so bad.

Desert pigeon does not sound terribly intimidating though, I wish it was called Desert Hawk or something lol XD

Heath Heil says:

Thanks for the review!
The newer versions look a little more sci-fi, if not strictly toylike. As always, I think this discussion is really always going to come down to color choice.

For anyone looking for the best mag for the pigeon:

Rebecca Harley Colins says:

I so need one of these… maybe two lol

Boom tendo says:

Looks like it would fit in the JT Pistol Splat holster


Looks like a hi-point.

Maniacal Coyote says:

I want one, a tan suit, and a Cassian Andor blaster.

HyperNinja ZX says:

Hey X what are your favorite darts?

Order66 says:

*insert james bond music or mission impossible music*

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