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Carl Burghardt says:

You should try cake monster

Big Doc says:

Why is it called ‘after dark’, when it is really after light?

qveenissac says:

Would love to see a “my faves from Adore” vid from you!

Dave Hunt says:

Rocket Man is still my favorite even though they changed it a bit. I would like to order the concentrates from Edore but I’m in Ontario Canada and don;t know if they would ship here. I have my own nicotine . so if I ordered a 0mg concentrate, maybe then it would get through??

Cheryl Laboy says:

Definitely going to have to check out some of these. We like the same flavors and everyone I have tried that you suggested (The One, some of the gost eliquids and i think 2 others) have been spot on.

Cheshire Kittykat243 says:

Vape with me! I bought the crack pie and for some reason it’s not very sweet & super bland not really sure what I’m tasting could I have gotten a bad bottle? What is it supposed to taste like? Lmk Boo thanks!

Kiira says:

Crack pie <3

Kellye Raiborn says:

Have you tried Skippermilk Pie ? Its my new favorite its rare I ever repurchase any juice , Ive got a bad case of flavor ADD but SM pie I’ve already gone through 3 bottles it is so good.


Great review roro let me get that roros gogo lol you should try rogue by vigilante it’s a vanilla bean,custard,coconut and caramel I think you’ll love it thanks roro xoxo

AnkhManRaw says:

Churros and Ice Cream from The One Dollar Juice Club is the bomb.

Carolina Monica Foronda says:

Hi! I love your reviews! They are honest, straight to the point and perfect description. So I just started vapeing and have gotten a couple flavors you reviewed already and I like them! I been in the search for a true lemon bar or lemon merengue and have found them very artificial almost like bedrooms deodorizer… so I’m hoping this will be the one! 🙂 I’m also looking for a true or close to a real vanilla bean if you have any recommendations please let me know. Thank you!

KBN Productions says:

Awesome video ro ro they all sound so delicious 🙂

Greggs tools and more says:

Like your reviews on ejuice hope to see much more.

Karen Presley says:

I don’t really know what my favorite is. lol Sometimes, it’s my own butterscotch and sometimes it’s Adore Pure Peach and sometimes Adore Addy’s Yogurt and sometimes………..
There’s no way I can pick just one. lol 🙂 xoxoxo

R.I.P.Squirt& Jinxy says:

Banana bondage. Im def getting it!

Laakea Kane says:

I honestly didn’t care for adore eliquids. I thought I was gonna be blown away but it was okay to me. Taste is definitely subjective. Have you seen the Loaded Glaze Donut Strawberry yet? That one sounds really good. I haven’t tried the original but everyone seems to love it. Got to get my hands on some.

Shelby Johnson says:

The One is my favorite vape juice, I also love Taruto.

Steven Bearden says:

The One is the tastiest liquid I’ve vaped thus far.

keith whalley says:

Wffl eliquid lemon curd is delicious

Beth Maldonado says:

My must try list is sooo long and these are all on it lol. On the top is lemon extacy which I’m finallllyy going to buy on Friday. I can’t wait!

XeRox Unknown says:

Are those juices hard to make at 4:14

Lisa Vapes says:

We definitely have a similar flavor palate. I am dyyying to try Adore e-liquids. I want to try the Dark Horse the most. Any of them, actually, sound amazing. Thanks Rochelle for the great review, as usual.

Corey Linsey says:

Another good review ,,,I love your videos xoxo

iclies says:

Gr8 choices 🙂 hugz gf

FreshDougan says:

Try claws by cloud chemist, and another awesome banana is first thangs first by dem thangs.

K Mac says:

Thanks for the review. I vape straight out the toaster mostly, a great value.

Kevin Smith says:

Dinner Lady – Blackberry Crumble is yummy. Just ordered my first bottle of crack pie, arrives tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Kev. W says:

Thanx for the interesting yummy Review , they all sound the bees knees , thanx for the share 🙂

Music Maker& Loving Vapor says:

Vape Society Supply also does awesome sales on Crack Pie! I will have to try the ones you mentioned that I havent tried. Thanks!

Paulette Kaleikau says:

Thanks for the informative review. I absolutely love dessert flavors and I am very picky of what I choose. I just placed orders for Crack Pie, Taruto and Banana Bondage. And I appreciate how you just get down to business on videos. No frills, no thrills just straight up vape, taste and review, no extra bullshit. It’s so painful to watch some of the review videos.

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