Nestle Parlour, Vanilla, Frozen Dessert Sandwich Review

Nestle Parlour, Vanilla, Frozen Dessert Sandwich Review
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Ben Domik and I (Ken Domik) are going to be trying all sorts of different Ice Creams from around Ontario and beyond. From local Ice Cream shops and parlours to Dairy Queen, Kawartha Dairy, Häagen-Dazs and Ben and Jerry’s. We want to try them all and let you know from a father and son point of view which ones are our absolute favourites.


canucktunes says:

I like the no sugar added ones from Chapman’s. I also like the no sugar added fudge bars from this company.

Evolution Lancer IX says:

Try the Taco Bell Mexican pizza

AL CHannel says:

0:05 = TYPOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick Massey says:


AhmedYe says:

walter white

beckster222 says:

Reese’s Klondike bar. Sooo good.

QuixoticQuaver says:

I used to eat ice cream sandwiches all the time when I lived in Ireland but can’t find them in the UK!

Bro Vlogs says:

Do the ghost pepper challenge

PsychoticRainbow says:

I love Ice cream sandwiches as much as the next person. But it’s so hard to find them in the UK. 

rachel krats says:

Hey ken do you think you can give me your sons email I’m the same age as him (:

Ivex2435 Studio says:

Hey dan if you ever come to the west coast try out the Oreo ice cream sandwiches at carls jr

Khaila Mar Salvador says:

Watching because of Ben. XD

JV Vela says:


Nancy Kelly says:

Bens Ice Cream wants to slide out lol

augirl4eva says:

I love to melt mine and mix them with a spoon.  not too soft!

AweMazing Stuff says:

I have always loved ice sandwich ^_^

kadoya24 says:


ali abbadi says:

i live in the middle east and for that ice cream sandwich we pay 2 riyals with is the equivalent to 50 cents

Dr WHY says:

You can get cheap brands for about a dollar but a Nestlé will probably cost you a dollar 50

destiny gonzalez says:

He is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1——-|–10

zSkyzz1 says:

What is the intro song?

Erik Andreas Ruud Hansen says:

Here in Norway i believe an ice cream sandwich would be around 16-18 norwegian kroner. So that would be approximately 2.9 Canadian dollars i guess. Totally different ice cream companies over here though. We have two major ones and then i guess we import some as well, like you can get Ben & Jerry’s at some grocery stores, and Häagen-Dazs  at quite a few locations as well. 

christina dames says:

If thats your son, hes adorable!!!!!!!

Jashan Gill says:

They are called Maxibon icreeam sandwich in Australia and they cost $3.50

GoJoMedia Geoff says:

They look yummy!

Jakub Ziółkowski says:

Ben close your mouth

Dipika Desaboyina says:

Did anyone else think of Arrested Development when they saw the Icecream Sandwich? 

Isaak Fernandez says:

I hear that usa Walmart ice cream sandwich don’t melt

Josefine Lind says:

Nice video Ken and ben, AHAHAHHAHAHA! KEN,BEN?!.. Oh.. No just no:P

BaillieMProuductions says:

I’m going to Florida on vacation in 3 weeks from the uk. Is there any reastraunts you recommend

Oliver Dana says:

My one in London is 2.59 and you get a box of six

Andrew Rust says:

Is it me or are these better when Ken is just in his car by himself?


Your such a fun dad

Dccole3214 says:

You guys are so handsome!

Nancy Pierce says:

ice cream sandwhich is  my favorite go to also.  

MacDaddy726 says:

Ken’s face at 2:14 is sooo priceless!!! 

Rhonda Lively says:

Looooveee that ice cream. 

Nancy Kelly says:

Ken, those look so yoummy. Have you ever tried chocolate taco sundae?

ROCXonline says:

KEN!! You godda try Oreo Birthday Cake Ice Cream!!! ITS AMAZING

brandon walsh says:

In Australia we can get a cookie and cream on of them

JackGeezy says:

I like Ben hes a cool kid

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