Pie and Dessert Vapes Review à la ZampleBox

Forget Thanksgiving. Forget Christmas. Forget that pesky New Year’s. We’re celebrating the most anticipated day of the year: Pi Day 2016! Chris and Ian highlight some of the tastiest pie and dessert flavors that you can find in your ZampleBox.

Dutchman by Purveyor
Skip to 1:34
Flavor Tags: Apple, Apple Pie, Pastry, Dessert

Porto by Jackson Vapor
Skip to 2:42
Flavor Tags: Cream, Citrus, Pie, Lime, Key Lime, Lemon, Fruit

Pusher by RLVNT
Skip to 3:36
Flavor Tags: Apple, Pie, Dessert, Cinnamon

Never Say Pie by Banzai Vapors
Skip to 4:50
Flavor Tags: Apple, Apple Pie, Dessert

Purple by AWDIV (All We Do Is Vape) Chris says 3.14 Stars!
Skip 5:56
Flavor Tags: Butterscotch, Pecan, Pie, Nutty, Dessert

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jasonellzey says:

Victory Liquid Winners Circle is the best apple pie. Blows pusher out of the water and I got it through zamplebox

Alex piv says:

I want pumpkin pie something rootbeer and something pistachio!!

Vape Lyfe says:

what is that blue rda called?

Richard Place says:

Those sound yummy, Send me the porto, you should get a blueberry pie liquid.

Thelegend27 says:

A fucking fadora lol

225rc says:

I got a cola from zample box from Cali it was so nasty all sassafras.. I would like to get just one bottle of something that was good. My friends last two boxes was stuff he marked as he didn’t want,ever but they keep sending them

James Shaw says:

I can not wait for my box of Pi day to arrive for my vaping pleasure !!! Zample Box has never let me down.. Thanks ZampleBox…

Robotic Cortex says:

My wish for Pi day is a pumpkin pie vape.

infamouscoma886 says:

Just ordered my second zamplebox can twist I’m really excited about this one!!

LeeVance Brooks says:

still love cheesecake

JoshuaApathy Miller says:

what no crack pie?!

Travis V. says:

I got 4 of the same company in my last box out of the six. That was a bit unpleasant. Hope next time it’s not like that.

Adriamarie says:

Holy Moly that Purple/Lavender E-juice better be in my ZB, hehehe. That’s my JAM !!

Jax Miller says:

I want PIE!!!!!

Chris Lighthall says:

don’t know if i would like Pie, since i don’t like pie crust unless its gram cracker crust.

Lucille JoAnn says:

Great video guys! Happy π Day!

Ellie Scusa says:

I want to try these but I am wondering, what coils can you use with such sweet e-juices? I have bubba juice from the juiceman that burned out two of my coils less than a day. I had it in my smok vape pen 22. Can I not use really sweet vape juices’s with these coils or were the coils bad? I mean if they were doing this to everyone’s they wouldn’t sell. So, how do you vape really sweet vapes? On what?

Adam Childs says:

funny as

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