Rolo Dessert Cones & Sandwiches Frozen Dairy Dessert Review

This is a taste test/review of the new Rolo Dessert Cones and Sandwiches Frozen Dairy Dessert. They were $4.49 each at Kroger.
* Dessert Cones 180 calories each
* Sandwiches 120 calories each

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Luke Carrigan says:

Nestle are a fantastic Ice Cream brand as I have found out on vacation. Aside from Ice Cream I think you guys would have loved the Nestle Traybake which I had as a Birthday Cake a couple of times. It was discontinued but had Smarties, Rolo, Munchies and something else. If you search it online the picture should be a Blue box. Let me know what you guys think. You could maybe attempt something similar on a baking video.

Now That's Gaming! says:

Aww, it’s too bad that it didn’t live up to expectations. The candy is wonderful at least!

TortillaQuesadilla says:

Just bought these yesterday. At $5.20 each not as good as I thought. Your right the Kroger Brand taste just as good at half the price. Tfs!

Michelle Rohr says:

Good review

Peach says:

What camera do you use

Someone random says:

My God, the spin off foods you Americans get does make me jealous lol. We’re lucky to get a Mars or Twix Ice cream sandwich lol

在下一站等你我 says:

Look like very good..
But no sale in hong kong……*_*!

Nandy nandyfre says:

the inside of the rolo ice cream sandwich is the vanilla with carmel

Scottish Lass says:

That’s a crying shame. They could have been so much more.

Jackie Howard says:

I like real ice cream.

Kate Westley says:

I love cornettos and dessert cones but it’s a shame they tasted pretty generic. I also think I prefer normal ice cream to dessert cones, but they’re nice to have occasionally, and I like how they are preportioned!

Supermonkey 1964 says:

Thanks for the advice. I’ll stick with the Store Brand. I like Rolos too, but if it doesn’t taste like Rolo no use in paying all that money. 🙂

Madison Killer says:

I love Rolo, that’s so disappointing! So much potential.

Luke Carrigan says:

You know how I had been saying I was going to have I’ve Cream for first time in two years? Well last Friday I tried the Cinnamon Roll, Cookie Dough and Salted Caramel (Just as I wrote Caramel Kevin said it for the first time in this video). I also had the Breyers Cookies and Cream as the Breyers was only £3 so I saved two pounds instead of trying a fourth Halo Top flavour which were £5 each. Today I had Oppo Salted Caramel and Oppo Vanilla which were £4 each at Sainsburys (£5 everywhere else) but if you visit their website you get a £1 off coupon plus I have two email addresses so I got them for £3 each. I am so glad I won’t have to comment about still not broke my duck with Ice Cream. I was going to comment on one of your Halo Top videos last Friday when I had my first tubs but decided to wait until you posted an Ice Cream review. Two Fridays in a row now. I haven’t yet touched Chocolate Ice Cream though so that will have to be my next target. I think despite not having Ben and Jerrys for years the Cookie Dough is still vastly better than Halo Top but the rest are similar.I wish we got Rolo Cookies here like we used to and know you guys tried Domes from Aldi which were sent to you from the UK. Finally, I look forward to the UK getting even more Halo Top flavours and Maxibon Ice Creams in Spain were my favourite but are so small here.

Jennifer Feil says:

I never buy Rolos because they don’t have enough caramel inside them. When I’m in the mood for chocolate and caramel I buy a Caramello bar!
As always, thanks for the review 🙂

Ashly Menard says:

I haven’t seen these desserts yet, but they look awesome! I love Rolos, so I’d probably like these.

Eric Weirath says:

kind of a ripoff for over 4 bucks for how small they are plus it’s not real ice cream. i avoid frozen dairy desserts and look for real ice cream

Aleen R says:

Have you seen the peanut butter filled Rolos.. they’re packaged in little bags?

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