Rolo Dessert Review

Nate Dog reviews a Rolo Dessert, not as he is calling it a Rolo Mousse…sound off in the comments below.
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Alfex says:

He looks just like the guy from ‘Can’t pay we’ll take it away’

Gemma Smith says:

I love these…a classic. Yet I never think to buy them!

Aaron NUFC says:

Nate Doggy Dawwgg. Do agree these are really nice. Texture is lovely.

FoodReview GB says:

Why does Nate continually refer to this Rolo Dessert product as a mousse?

John Hunt says:

*Review of FoodReviewUK*

This has gotta be the easiest game of ‘Where’s Wally?’ I’ve ever seen. Unless this was intended for a blind audience then that’ll make sense, although if it was intended for the blind audience then that is harsh as they’d never know where Wally is.

Harsh but Savage, Nate always delivers on the promise of quality food reviews for the mainstream audience. Meanwhile MJ ties up his wife to the sofa so she can review crisps she’s allergic to…

*10 Stars* because I found Wally straight away.

suthes says:

That aint no mousse

Zack F says:

more pop tart reviews and Little Debbie style baked goods. their oatmeal cream pie is #heaven

zRevii_ Lethal says:

shut the fuck up fat cunt

John James says:

What does Nate call an actual mousse then?

Andrew Tillott says:

If you like the caramel section of this dessert, you can buy it on it’s own in a tin. You can find it in supermarkets by the condensed milk. It’s by Nestle.

s125ish says:

Wee child . Scottish lingo there . I used to love the milky bar dessert s

psy cleen says:

To make pickle bread use a dill dough

Simon Melon says:

No, wait, what? This guy isn’t being serious? This is satire surely? A review should be about something interesting, perhaps rare or unusual… not a fucking chilled dessert from a supermarket!

gamerscorner says:

where’s waldo….his shirt

Saul Goodman says:

Big Man Nate!

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