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Brooklyn rapper Science dropped his new album Kind of Dessert on March 31st, 2017. The album is 14 tracks deep and has features from Blu, Fresh Daily, King I Divine, Jansport J, Fresh Daily, Ill Camille, and more. If you downloaded our mixtape The Joint, you may be familiar with ScienZe. If so, check out our thoughts on the Brooklyn emcee, give him a listen, and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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Cyrusislikeawsome says:

I love love love jazz hop, can’t wait to get home and give it a listen.

Carlos Queta says:

Brockhampton – Saturation

Kimu Johnson says:

This is probably too soon to the recording date for a review but “Big Fish Theory” is something I want to hear you guys talk about

Kishan Patel says:

review Young Thug’s new album

MFgrimm _23 says:


Sedrick says:

Holy shit Myke read my mind. Parody cover was stupid as fuck.

C. Harr says:

Jansport J reference! Yes

Super Duper Murph says:

Some dude I’ve never heard of before that DEHH is reviewing?

It’s prolly gon be a good album then tbh.

The Islands says:

These are the reviews the people want DEHH: *Brockhampton, Smino, and Joyner Lucas.*

Awol Iso says:

Review Joyner Lucas “508-507-2209”

rodman says:

What about daylyt album “let there b lyt”?

The Uppercut says:

king I divine

Steve C says:

Am shocked you reviewed this.Now will you review Billy Woods Know Unknown or Mach Hommy Dump Gawd?

Edward Dupree says:

For more boom-bap Scienze y’all should check out Stoop kids. And if y’all reviewing Scienze can we get a Sene review? I mean Brian Marc’s The Extraordinary Pleasure of Being Someone Else.

vitiosislagarto2395 says:

SZA- ctrl?? I don’t think there was an r&b album review this year unless I missed it haha

KING ACE says:

mike lowkey losing his hair

MrVIP1993 says:

Myke finally admitted that he was evil, I always felt that way about him lol

BroderHugos says:

Boomiverse! Sweet tooth make that dollar stretch. Chocolate! Give Big Boi a review. 🙂

asdf asdf says:


Nihlus5 says:

Good to see you guys reviewing Scienze! I’ve been following him since he first worked with EOM and it was dope to see this video pop up in my description!

The Key To Life says:

I thought this was Take Care I was like wtf lol what kind of cover is that.

cinaster7 says:

Thank you again for introducing me to yet another ill artist. DAMN, this is smooth.

ERay152 says:

Peep the brockhampton project!

Fletcher Prouty says:

man ya’ll got a dope ass channel thats growing but slowly because you release 1 video per week and most of the reviews you guys do now are of shitty artists man.. go review sza, khaled, vince, 2chainz, saturation, etc..

Dr.Quicksilver says:

Please review Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples

SimbaRyan says:

Damn! Can we get a more diverse brand of reviews. Street shit is hip hop
Underground hip hop is STILL hip hop. Damn…. I swear I’ll review the same motherfuckers. Maybe not this guy much but other artist.

KxngApllo NIB says:

Thank You for this…….

Youwy says:


Armand Starkks says:

nujabes or j. dilla would’ve been great on this

James Valaitis says:

Really wasn’t feeling this album.

illFigure90 says:

scienze is dope, thank you for reviewing

paul banks says:

i think y’all still should review Quelle Chris – Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often.

Sean Sullivan says:

but does it bump in the whip

Kobe Bryant says:

BrockHampton- Saturation Please

stanleyyelnats69 says:

dizzee rascal maths and english is a great album

WGW says:


Luke Nash says:

the film footage at the beginning in black and white. which camera was it filmed with?

Cheesy Pirate says:

Hey y’all review Joyner Lucas’s new project, it’s great!

tyrone Johnson says:

Great review. I’ve been a fan of ScienZe for a while. Definitely recommend checking out his catalog.

Love Trumps Hates says:

Review Joyner Lucas’s “508-507-2209”

Daniel Fisher says:

You guys should review Chapel Drive by Fly Anakin and Concept Jackson

atwarwithsatan27 says:


Acin101 says:

Thank you for reviewing Scienze, he is sooooo underrated and talented he deserves much praise for his quality albums.

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