So Delicious Dairy Free Oatmilk: Oatmeal Cookie Frozen Dessert Review

This is a taste test/review of the So Delicious Dairy Free Oatmilk in the Oatmeal Cookie variety. It was $4.69 at Meijer. 2/3 cup (111g) = 250 calories

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TheRivrPrncess says:

Looks delicious

Sarah Mockingbird says:

I’ve heard oat milk is the “milk of the year.” Been curious about it so glad you did a review.

Zack F says:

makes me think of a Little Debbie OMCP in ice cream form. Want.

Matt N says:

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Just Me says:

Looking forward to future reviews of other So Delicious vegan ice creams!

Jessica Rikard says:

Love when you guys try vegan products ❤️

Cheryl Ramsay says:

Wow. I’ll look for this one!

Sheela Narayanan says:

oh, i’m delighted they’ve come out with this! thank you Tami for reviewing it. As you recall, I cannot stomach the lactose / dairy and being allergic to nuts, I sadly can’t have the other ‘ So Delicious ‘ non-dairy ice cremes made with almond / cashew / coconut milk. I also find coconut based desserts to be watered down and not very flavour-ful. I so hope that I can find this!!

Mark Martin says:

This company knows what they are doing. All of their ice cream flavors are delicious.

Susan Kim says:

they also have caramel apple crumble and peanut butter raspberry. All very good!

Sheela Narayanan says:

PS – not that you or Kevin need to worry about sugars unless you are at risk for diabetes! But I do feel that if you’re trying to cut down on sugar or carbohydrates, especially if diabetic, it’s best to stick to almond and coconut milk. Oat milk is high in carbs and sugar even though it’s natural. You can still enjoy the oat ice creme as a night-time treat i’m sure =)

selbyfan2305 says:

Im so glad you guys love this! Will have to try!

Jade says:

Oatmilk is the BEST non-dairy milk! It’s so creamy! You guys should try it! A popular brand is Oatly. I can only find it at Target.

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