Taste Test: Dessert Hummus!

What the what?! That’s right, dessert hummus exists. Sounds totally weird and gross… but is it? Watch to find out!


Eric Rafford says:

Dont think Ill go out of my way to get this, but if there is a booth with free tastings I’ll try it =D

Jim Morris says:

I have not tried this brand of hummus but Boars Head came out with a dark chocolate dessert hummus and it is delicious. By itself it is fantastic but I bought some frozen waffles, toasted them up and made a chocolate hummus sandwich with the waffles and let me tell you this. It is the most delicious waffles of any kind. Man…. Try a chocolate hummus in a waffle sandwich. Trust me on this.

Maverick Baking says:

Hey, just found your channel and subscribed! You’ve got me hankering to try and make chocolate hummus now. < That is a sentence I never though I would type.

Deb Che says:

Good job, looks great!

Avery Anthony says:

Loved this video!! Thanks so much! You make great videos!!

Shane Moser says:

surprisingly good!

Chris Sadberry says:

May give this a try.. we need to get more followers for your channel!!

nacs says:

This is obviously a paid actor. You’re supposed to disclose that on Youtube videos. Sleazy

Bobbi Clinger says:

Interesting. I was thinking the brownie batter would be the best since chocolate (cocoa) is a pretty strong flavor by itself to overpower the chickpeas. But that seems to be not the case. Thanks for the review.

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