Tasty Texas Treats – Dessert Recipe Reviews

Howdy! Today we’re preparing two marginally Texas-themed desserts. I hope you enjoy!

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Toe to Tip That's a Bart says:

Chef Ian, can you try to make a raindrop cake? You’ll probably fail, but it’s really fun to watch people attempt it. And I believe in your ability to produce a good failure of a raindrop cake.

Luca Peyrefitte says:

You should’ve done a thinner layer of chocolate for the bark thing and the Texas yum yum looks really good

LinkBrand says:

I missed your cooking videos!! Got back from work and i saw this bad boy and clicked faster than you can say chorped. My fiance got an aneurysm from watching you cook lmao 10/10 would make recipe!!! Thanks Ian keep it up!!

Luis Bollinger says:


DisgustedCheese [T]/ says:

I love your editing!

TechnoThePug says:

For cowboy bark you should have used heath bar

Astro Blip says:

This jerk ass rode this poor tiny horse the whole video. Without giving him a break! Unsubcribble

Bumbling Tumble says:

God damn that kitchen is hella nice

josh wosh says:

that costume is incredible

AGamingGuitarist says:

I liked as soon I saw that outfit.

Key Williams says:

As a general rule of thumb : use all room temp ingredients it’s easier 4 them to incorporate n work with 🙂 if your cream cheese and whipped topping was room temp it’d make beating a breeze!

Justcallme Jack41 says:

It just dawned on me that there are people out there who’ve never backed or used backing equipment

jasper ashe says:

When smashing things in a bag a rolling pin is better.

Lord_Scrublord says:

This is like Ian’s 3rd kitchen on this show? Very mobile master chef.

yax itzy says:

thanks Ian. your paddle attachment is weird get a new one if it didnt come with one, it should look like yours but with a more in the middle . my teen and hubby love you as a mom i find your cooking insane. ThankQ

Thomas Everette says:

Boy howdy didnt sid from Hey Arnold! Say that? I checked…yeah he did.

Zalgotha says:

How hard did you have to struggle to not say that the Texas Yum Yum was yum yum for your tum tum?

Meme The Fox says:

Who needs read dead redemption 2 when Ian, the texan is here to solve our western Bordem!

Plague Father Plays says:

so, folding is done by hand by using a rubber spatula and gently “folding” whatever ingredient into the others to avoid mixing and stirring, I’d suggest watching a video on it, and with the stand mixer, use a rubber spatula to scrape down the sides to avoid that issue with your sugar.

PushingUpRoses says:

Your kitchen is gorgeous! I cannot wait to see more videos filmed in here, looks like you have a lot of room for shenanigans. And more Plops.

MoonSpirit says:

Hot damn! You moved back to Texas? Guess Texas couldn’t leave you at all. Either way, welcome back to Texas!

Forsaken MoPars says:

For the Yum Yum, I’d try an Oreo crust and way less chocolate, that might also be a good time.
As for the Bark, I’d actually melt Hershey bars as opposed to milk chocolate chips and then go from there.
Great video!

Jordan Canning says:

I am consistently in awe of the fact that Ian owns a stand mixer

Chase O'Hara says:

Toffee bits are usually found in the baking aisle or in a bulk food store

Ty Beam says:

I’d love for BrutalMoose to mix his video game and food content and play games like my childhood favorite Disney Kitchen (I don’t remember if that’s the name for sure) or other food related games.

Jenna Marie says:

Lmao the chocolate sprinkles look like ants on the pudding pie wowie

LittleMikey says:

Is the cowboy music from roller coaster tycoon 3? It sounds so familiar

Beary says:

Can you try making what’s called a Jello Cake? It’s super good and moist and I want to prove to my friends it’s a real thing lol

Julia Dennis says:

That Texas Yum Yum looked really good. I may have to make it.

A Distracting Box says:

Who needs Red Dead Redemption when you have this?

neuteka says:

I’m very sad that you left us in washington but your 10/10 content makes up for it

Alex Steward says:

The only yum yums I know are twisted donoughts.

Chad Android says:

Wow i just made a chocolate pudding pie last nite and have never made one before! Great vid!

Negil Leufeln says:

I don’t know about you, but that was definitely some food

Xizax41325 says:

Wrap the bag in a towel before you do the smashy smashy my friend. It will help with the bag tearing problem.

Techpriest says:

Do you think someday, Ian will have received enough youtube comments and help to be a human level cook?

Daisy says:

As you move into your expensive new apartment, I hope you don’t suddenly become unfunny like Ethan and Hila.

Joey Roth says:

I love all the editing in this series. It makes the video much funnier without relying too heavily on what’s “in”, as the kids are saying these days.

Blake Daniels says:

3 seconds in I’m in love

Cwb 931 says:

Thank you for sprinkles

Soothingwinds says:

I enjoy american desserts which are just other desserts and snacks stacked on top of each other.

Anna Sincerbeaux says:

did you grocery shop at a staples????

Chase O'Hara says:

Instead of a hammer you can use a heavy rolling pin and a chopping board to break things up in a bag like that

lum0s says:

Honestly I prefer the tiny poverty kitchens. It’s more relatable to me, Ian, you
bourgeoisie scum.

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