Tesco Finest Millionaire’s Dessert Review

MJ delves into a multi-layered dessert! It’s the Tesco Finest Millionaire’s Dessert. I don’t expect Mr Chode or the boys to be able to afford this, but I’m sure some people will be able to…
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SullumbiTV says:

Trying to hit 100 subscribers… please Subscribe, ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

John Hunt says:

0:18 – MJ doing Chode’s favourite fetish

matt n says:

if you have a bargain booze near you they have buy one get one free on walkers max. they have a new pulled pork flavour. also got salt and vinegar as ive only ever seen paprika and hot n spicy flavour till now

LE2stiffy xxx says:

Me an matt n are teaming up to destroy mr chode an kitty livers.. Anyway have you ever thought of doing a comantery chanel

Mr Chode says:

I’ve actually had these, so if I get to the end and you’ve given them lower than a 4 I’ll murder another kitten

John Hunt says:

This guy has more YouTube channels than the entire population of Antarctica

Andrew Parsons says:

mj love your video mate do you have a job ?

N S says:

when are you going to do more reviews with Amy?

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