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The Veggie Bullet

The Dessert Bullet turns simple frozen fruits into delicious frosty treats without the extra sugar, fat, chemicals, or calories of traditional frozen desserts! By using fresh fruits as your main ingredient, Dessert Bullet desserts taste just like your favorite ice cream but are not only not bad for you, they are actually good for you.

Enjoy your favorite ice creams, sorbets, icebox pies, and more using nutritious, all-natural, vitamin-rich ingredients — you’ll be amazed by how decadent they taste! And what’s more, the Dessert Bullet churns out all of its frozen creations in 10 Seconds or Less! That’s right; you can make fantastic, desserts that are full of nutrition in less time than it takes to thaw a pint of ice cream!


What’s up everybody? Welcome back to Rackboyz Fitness. Now, you know I’m NutriBullet-crazy, right? I’ve got dozens of NutriBullet videos. Well, NutriBullet just came out with a new product that I just came across. It’s called the Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet.

Now, of course, NutriBullet originally started with the Magic Bullet. It’s all the same company. It’s all the same thing. Now, what the Dessert Bullet does is it makes good dessert smoothies. So you can pretty much put all your fruits and stuff in here, all natural stuff, low calories, low sugar. It’s just natural.

So I think it’s pretty good. I’m gonna try it out. So right away, the assembly is really easy. I left it out so you guys can see. Now, obviously, I’ve just took this out of the box. So I did assemble it once. This is my second time– so very quick, very easy to assemble right out of the box.

Now, what you want to do is you want to get some fresh fruit, which I happen to have right here. So you want your fresh fruit to be partially thawed. It can’t be fully frozen, obviously, or it won’t mash up.

It works pretty much like a juicer. You put the engine on, pop your food in– There it goes. And I’ll dump the rest of this in here. So this is blueberries and mixed fruit– a little bit of everything.

OK. Now, I didn’t do a lot of fruit, because this is just for demonstration purposes. I actually already had some of this. It was pretty good. So as you see, this is the way it comes out. It’s pretty much like a smoothie– like ice cream, basically.

Now, the thing is after that, you can add your own toppings, whether it be whipped cream, whether you want to chop up nuts. You can also cut your nuts up small, put it in here, and add your toppings. It’ll grind it up.

It’s a way to get a real healthy home made snack, basically– if you want ice cream, if you want smoothies. This is pretty good. It’s small. It’s compact. It’s not too noisy. And it works. It works fast. The cleanup is easy. You just disassemble it, take it apart, wash it, dry it, you go back about your business.

Now, you can make a variety of different things– banana splits. It says vegan cookies and ice cream, dairy-free vanilla ice cream, s’mores, chocolate nut sundaes– pretty much everything you can think of. Remember the low calories all natural stuff. Whatever you choose to add on your toppings is up to you. But this is just a way to take your fruit, make good fruit smoothies and ice cream out of it and have an enjoyable snack.

So product-wise, it’s pretty good. It’s sturdy. It’s lightweight. It wasn’t expensive. It was only– what– about $60. I picked it up from Bed Bath & Beyond. So far, this product is pretty good. I’m going to do some other recipes to show you other things that it can do. But just initially, I kind of like this thing.

So I hope this helps. If you have used this or know anything about it, please me know what you– because it’s new to me, so I don’t know too much about it yet. So let me know if you have any familiarity with this. But until next time, stay focused, stay fit. Please it the Like button and show your support, people– Rackboyz Fitness.


Caroline Arenas Lopez says:

I’m going to get that today

josé josiane says:

Nice but buying it is a problem or impossible in Belgium and Holland!

jakie banister says:

so is the dessert bullet and magic bullet the same thing or should I get both??

Serah Farron says:

So the fruit has to be completely frozen?

Etehale says:

Thanks for the video!! I just ordered mine from Amazon. It’s currently on sale for like $21.00 (regular price $49.99).

marketman12 says:

cut your nuts up small

gurvinder singh says:

what about cleaning is it easy or you have to reach the narrow pipe like stuff?

Steve Rabon says:

The Ninja Kitchen system does everything without buying a bunch of other products from them. A lot of people are jumping the banwaggon and switching to The Ninja products. They are better quality and workmanship. They don’t leave stuff out when they have their commercials like the makers of Magic stuff do. Like when they made their Nutri-bullet they failed to tell people it was two blades that did extra stuff. Like they failed to have on their commercials that you had to use a separate blade to crush up nuts before you added them to the wet mixing blade. As for as what the Desert bullet does you can do with a regular blender. All you got to do is freeze the fruit first then blend it.

mrpower328 says:

Wow. That machine sounds very noisy. Sounds like a power saw

Ronnie Sanders says:


Andrea Vittoria says:

Thank you for the demonstration! I just got this for christmas and i can’t wait to try it out 😀

Dee Jay says:

lol…its louder than in the infomercial

Nyaa Krystal says:

Love your reviews. I was just contemplating getting this

Marc T says:

Bananas make it smoother.

DontAsk says:

You said “Cut your nuts up small and put them in here” …. Lolol eww

Ada Encarnacion says:

Hi let me introduce myself my name is Ada I just bought me magic desert bullet, I know is all about the fruits but can you also add any kind of veggies? mix fruits and veggies ?

RyNea Soul says:

Magic Bullet should pay you to do videos

Ken Ebacher says:

Right on brother!  You da man Rackboy!

Carbonated Turtle says:

Great review. I’m picking one up from the place around the corner today. 🙂

John S says:

You’re hot!

Snodge Kat says:

Thank you for this great review. Appreciate it. Thinking of getting this one instead of the Yonanas.

PerfectFringe says:

cannot wait to buy!!

lovingmomof2 says:

Looks great ill have to get this

ronupiwada ṣaaju ki o to ku says:

My question is, if they have the NutriBullet why did they make the Yonana?

Chris Sheehan says:

“cut your nuts up small”

LakeciaA MacLak says:

Thank you for the review! Love all of my bullet products and have got to get this!

Bridy M says:

Thank you for the video!
I have to go buy this, it is perfect for kids not having any added sugar.

Moniqtee says:

saw this advertised in a bed bath and beyond pamphlet and wanted to see what it was all about because I own a nutribullet and that thing is an absolute gem! one of the few products that actually outperforms expectations, it is a major part of my dietary routine now.. im not surprised this is a good product as well for what i am seeing.. i like this for the idea of doing vegan desserts.

Samantha Brown says:

What’s the difference between that and the yonanas?

kiwikate says:

I hope NutriBullet are recognizing all the advertising you are doing for them. You shouldn’t have to buy another one in your lifetime, they should be sending them to you LOL 🙂 

Nicole Rowe says:

How does this compare to the yonanas? Anyone know?

Mama Deutsch says:

Nice video. You have a great smile! Smile more!

Sue Sita says:


John Fata says:

cut your nuts up small

Gaston Assoua says:

can i toss in ice cream in that?

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