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Phaseme0810 says:

i tried lava flow after all this dick riding and it has a really hard throat hit for me at 3mg. anybody experience the same thing?

M K says:

Beard guy is to funny

Scott White says:

Austin needs a YouTube channel

Si Y says:

Dinnerladies Lemon Tart has gotta be in the list. It’s not overly sweet like a lot of US juices are so doesn’t kill your coil off real quick. Beautiful lemon taste but the pastry after taste is just so damn good. Should be number one out of this list I’d say tbh

Steven Mcloughlin says:

Hi, I’m from the UK and was wondering if u can deliver your products to the UK?

Bacon says:

Is vaping bad for you for Ryan Hill

bboy2small says:

Ryan, love your channel! I needed some advice. I smoke a pack of Newports a day and I’m OVER IT! I ordered the Smoktech X-Priv starter kit and I need to know what juice you would recommend. Not so much the flavor, but the nicotine level. I have a 120 ml bottle of lemonade juice that is 0.3% nicotine. Is that what you would recommend? I would really appreciate a reply from any body that knows anything about vaping. Thanks in advance!

J T says:

Yami Vapors Taruto is the best dessert vape on earth. How did it not make the list?

David Stafford says:

I’m new to vaping and wanted to know what the difference between 50/50 blend and 70/30 blends are

Lauren Ashley says:

you should definitely do top 5 fruit flavors

jayz warrior says:

Vape pico mod plis

its_just_me _ says:

my fav juice is nasty mango

amaya lobato says:

I can’t get super desserty ones because the super sweet ones kill my coils like no other!

Hollie Xuen says:

My first eliquid I got was Fryd cookies, and i honestly dont like it that much tbh.

Gavin Seneca says:

Subscribed a month ago. I’ve been binge watching your videos!

elljay81 says:

Why is it that every person who vapes is a douche? I havent seen one normal person.

thebingthing says:

I just found this channel and like the content but am forced to stop watching because the main guy thinks he looks better with those sunglasses on when he’s inside. Hey man you look way better when they’re off. Looks like you’re trying way to hard to be cool and you’re coming off cringe as fuk. Please stop wearing them inside

Hehajsj Jsjsjsjs says:

Which have nicotine tho

James T43 says:

Why hasn’t anyone done an update video on best flavors. New stuff comes put all the time. Also what flavor would you recommend for sweet stawberry kiwi flavors or sweet berry flavors? I like my ejuice soo sweet it will give you diabetes. What would you recommend. My favorite so far is the Burst kiwistrawberry flavor because it’s soo damn sweet. Please do more best flavor videos.

Daniel The VapeMan says:

Ryaaaan i need uur advice

Imad Belkacem says:

don’t why the hip with the killercustard ….its crap,,taste like medicine .

sylerpetralie says:

4 mins video extended to 11 + mins with stupidities.. thanks for wasting time

Terri Haney says:

Have you done a top 5 candy flavors

hollywoodfastlife916 says:

Poor Black Lives Matter. Everyone with their (insert whatever) Lives Matter. It’s like cancer patients are feeling disenfranchised or fighting for better care…and then diabetics get butthurt and start making “diabetic lives matter”…do diabetics lives matter? Sure…but why not let them have their own cause without deflecting it? Just annoying dude. Also, why is it the people who claim that “blacks have every opportunity whites do” have very little to no black friend or live in a community with very few blacks. I actually help my community and anyone who says blacks don’t have it shitty are fucking lying. I see it everyday. I see the comments in feeds. Ask yourswlf…why would you wear a vapers lives matter t shirt? There’s no other reason than to defame a cause and make it a joke. That’s fucked up. You may say…its just a shirt. No, it’s a message. Ask yourself this…do you think you or your family would be where you are today if your skin was black as night? Hell no. Had I not been white and affluent, and instead black and impoverished..i wouldn’t have got far. Oh, so they can get a job too right? Well, I don’t see any dark black people working in your shop. So who’s hiring all these blacks? Just think. Stop making a joke of a serious issue. And just because maybe it’s funny to you doesn’t mean it’s funny to the people who created the statement. Because to them it is life and death, and I see it every day the way our justice system treat black people.

hollywoodfastlife916 says:

Btw, I love your vids and yall. I’m just tired of watching blacks get fucked over. They get treated like garbage. It’s just a fact.

MC_HotBoi says:

please never fire austin holy shit you just gotta love him

Gavin Seneca says:

Couldn’t find the Oreos anywhere. The Twinkie flavor was spot on! Love these videos!

clansman81eg says:

For fuck sake, I got a bottle from FRYD was the banana edition, it was the worst eliquid I had in my life, was like a deep fried rotten bananas! FRYD never in my life again

T Dragon says:

Deep fried Oreo is my number one personal favorite

Steven Corral says:

I gave in. I just bought Milk and Fryd

ProZombies100 says:

1:59 so fucking true

Ben Jacobs says:

anything from suicide bunny is the best desert imo

Stephen Selph says:

Cannoli Be One for the win!!


Why the fuck would you want a thrasher hoodie..,

Marea Evans says:

I’ve come to realize after tryin a million and one juices, fruit loops is the flavor I’m tryin to nail. I like the fruity but buttery taste. I know that sounds so weird. I like desert but I want a bite. Would you please do a top 5 cereal video! I can’t find a brand that I love. Pumped to try the fryd now.

Bogus says:

Hope you didn’t get that thrasher hoodie. Fuckin poser.

Dimman Från Lützen says:

Vaper lives matter? can you be any more of a shitbag trying to trivialize something as serious as the BLM movement? nobody is mass incarcerating vapers or killing them at sight (at least if they’re white) so quit that bullshit you moron.

Mike Don’t worry about says:

I’ve had both fryd Oreo and the Twinkie one both amazing

Steven Corral says:

Milk by Glas is shit btw. it doesnt tastes even close to strawberry milk. The One by Beard Co. is “The One”

Larry Fishmas says:

Just got into this cannel, enjoying it. This was my favorite video so far. Austin’s cannel should be linked though. He’s funny.

Steven Corral says:

I want all of these

ratsnest3 says:

Austin looks the guy from lost

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