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Vincent Torres says:

First comment

Rob Wigglezz says:

Crusties with the fruities!

Stephen Ellement says:

Sweet another e liquid review.

it took is three days to make that potatoe salad says:

Looks delicious

caitlinlivesonclouds says:

i literally just got a sample set of these juices (10ml each) and i really didn’t like any of them? it’s such a shame, they’re so raved about online

Vybezman P says:

I do like that lemon tart so thick and rich

Riley Ross says:

its my birthday

Stephen Chambers says:

Curd, curd, curd, curd

Nickcheesehead aping Fowler says:

What is your daily vape flavors like your top 5 flavors u vape daily all day.

Lee Dunlap says:

My wife says vaping with twisted420 has returned lol every time lol great vid bro

Sean The Baptist says:

Curd does suck, it sounds repulsive

Lloyd Christmas says:

The green apple pie by vape dinner lady is good too.

Akira Toriyama says:

About time you got onto the Dinner lady series! Lyche is the best one!

Keiano Knowles says:

A tart is a pie

Keiano Knowles says:

I want a shout out plz

Lord Sigurd Thorolf says:

TY, I always mix my own. If they had 1 shots I would get them, but your review may make me buy them already mixed ;<)

mmabowler says:

That lemon twist taste like a mix of fruit loops and Apple Jacks too me…

Vickie Pralley says:

I love Dinner Lady Lemon Tart. It my everyday vape lately.

Broken OS says:

This video felt a little low on energy but it was still great. Love the chill vibes today. 🙂

Eric Worthing says:

First to desert

Vybezman P says:

The berry tart is nice but probably my least favourite as it’s not as rich in my opinion but that lemon tart is very surprising and I’m not a lemon fan at all.

What you Want to do says:

Bro Lemon Tart has been my all day vape for months.

Theresa Auriemmo The Review Queen says:

Posted on my FB. Thanks for the review! Great video as always.

Jose Licano says:

I picked up the lemn berry from misthub its pretty darn good to

Rich Krutch says:

Thanks twisted it’s nice to see juice reviews once in while have a great weekend

Ryan Cairns says:

Dinner Lady’s new Summer Holidays Guava sunrise is my favourite out of all their juices. It’s definitely one of their best, its delicious and it’s the only liquid in their Summer Holidays line up that has no Koolada in it (cold effect-menthol without the minty taste)

Those Mango Tart and Berry Tart ones are pretty darn awesome too man 🙂

Ron Floerke says:

I got a lemon head flavored off my bottle hmm didn’t know suppose to b a pie lol

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