Vape Dinner Lady | NEW Dessert Range 4 Juice Review

Here’s a review of Vape Dinner Lady’s NEW Apple Pie, Blackberry Crumble, Orange Tart & Lemon Tart!

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Caty Metcalf says:

Sounds like some really really great tasting juices

Keegan Sponholz says:

Yes! New review.

Olivier says:

What’s your favorite LEC e-juice guys?:)

Калоян Иванов says:

Very good video …vape chilaaaaaaa!!!

Mesbha Ahmed says:

are you indian

jjthegamer530くそ says:


Dery Me says:

Can I get a heart for no reason

Hiro C. says:

Earlier i used the tweezers i found in my old bag to fix my newly built coils and wicks on my vape, later on while im putting back the tweezers inside my bag i and found some blades and other stuffs that i used to use to disect frogs in school and realized that that tweezers are the one i used to disect a frog lol :&

And the nastiest part is that, I didnt even bother to clean the tweezers i found Hahaaaa

Robert Gesmaks says:

can i have some

Raxor17 says:

Yo vapechilla,how does your english so good?I mean,your english just like an american

Gametroll Productions says:


martin jones says:

let’s give it a vape

Samuel Ceasar says:

VapeKilla 🙂

Cristina de Palma says:

Omg I can’t wait to try these! So far I’ve tried lemon tart and rice pudding. Lemon tart obviously my favorite. I initially didn’t care much for rice pudding at first, but it grew on me after a few tries at it. Thanks for reviewing these for us!

Mackenzie Barber says:

I love you ❤️ ur vape god

amelia kelson says:

Don’t worry about churning content out. We’ll still be here if you wait a day or two in between. Though good review!

Zenyatta says:

what vape do you use ?

Isaac Ali says:

Early Congrats On Getting 50,000 Subscribers. (Watching your subscriber count Rn lol)

Jvly Asuque says:

Review on the SOB Dual

Shoren says:

Vapekilla (:

Catlife33 Gd says:

Are you going to do a juice give away?

Tsubasa Tanaka says:

can i have ur worst vape set haha ^_^

chidragon60 says:

I want a eggnog vape to go with my Thanksgiving turkey!

Broski Gaming says:

I live your channel, I love how you don’t drag on about it all day. Also what level of nic are you vaping? Have a nice day 🙂

jjthegamer530くそ says:

What mod are you using

Zackary Jones says:

I like how VapeChilla makes his reviews way more understandable than the other vape reviewers. He seems honest and covers every aspect of the product

panda boy says:

Lol he said mmmmmm orangie

OvershotStorm95 says:

Your now my favorite YouTuber and you motivate me a lot god bless bro

water boy 24 says:

100k before Christmas calling it

Istemihan Mp says:


b1rdkeeper S says:

Just discovered your channel. Some of the best reviews I’ve seen yet. Honest and not too long. Well done!!!

Angelo Castano says:

What is the difference between US juice ang Pinoy juice in flavor?

I haven’t tried US juice eh..

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