‘VLA’ Dutch dairy dessert Review from Albert Heijn supermarket in the Netherlands

I review a Vla is a Dutch dairy product made from fresh milk from the number one supermarket chain in the Netherlands. Check out the cool vlaArt on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vlaartworks/


Jan Atkinson-Carr says:

My husband and I drank half a carton each of Dubbel Vla at 11pm before realising this is NOT a drink/milkshake. Google “vla scrapers”.

The Colt 45 show says:

Hi food travel dude can you do a food review of poffertjes they are mini dutch pancakes


……….4/5……….5/5………anyone 6/5………..gosh that looks good…………..every thing looks so clean over there……St Louis is a fuckin cesspool…………….great review

Giovanni Montalvo says:

I haven’t seen a channel like yours, it’s so awesome you go around reviewing food, and all that food looks great! I make short movies every week and just filmed one about going out and exploring the city and the nature where we live, would be happy to share the stories I tell with you 🙂

Sola Mano says:

That might be good for rhum-laced eggnog at Christmas!

Critical Eats Japan says:

Is that 1litre?  You drank it all?  Damn, did you get any looks in the mall there?  Haha —nice video, man

Allard Freichmann says:

If you at AH look near the coffee look if there is free coffee.

lokhang says:

vla isnt for drinking. also im dutch tooo

Mulleflupp says:


theendorsement says:

VLA! nice.. your just chilling in a mall drinking VLA – lol Did people say anything to you?

JKMCraveTV says:

I SUB”D – Hit me back!@!

RobZ231 says:

It kinda from the looks of it reminds me of eggnog but alot thicker very interesting!

Anika Redhed says:

Just to make sure: we don’t walk around malls drinking vla 🙂 I have never seen anyone drink vla anyway.

Matowix says:

do you have a hot Dutch Girlfriend ?

Mister Chivers says:

1:58 sound like your crying vla must be really good

Luuk Scholte says:

your supposed to eat it with a spoon

Food Review UK says:

Love the channel dude.

Vladimir Putin says:

😀 Ablert Heijn? Still a good video 😀

Brm Mrb says:

Not very healthy drinking a liter.

Luuk Scholte says:

your supposed to eat it with a spoon

Daniel Kok says:

Thanks for the mention: Great Channel! Keep on travelin’ & eating’!

My life as Jane says:

It’s Albert theijn not ablert theijn

miloudrawings says:


Nathan Leidsman says:

good work! your video’s are the last time better than first:) nice vlog!

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