Which Disney World Dessert Party Should YOU Do?

It’s a Disney World Dessert Party THROWDOWN! We’re reviewing all of the daily dessert parties in Disney World to help you discover which one is best for YOU and which one offers the biggest bang for your buck!

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Alessia Barbiero says:

Are they also all you can drink? Alcohol specifically-

Traveling Flamingo says:

I did the dessert party last year and really enjoyed it. I definitely want to do it again with these new action stations

VetMed says:

I actually loved the Rivers of Light Animal Kingdom Dessert Party

Michelle Reyes says:

Do you know how they handle nut allergies at the dessert parties?

patrokls says:

I can’t eat $80 worth of dessert. I personally would use that money for a meal at JIko or another signature restaurant.

Allyson Pascua says:

I’ve only done the Happily Ever After dessert party with plaza garden viewing, and I 100% agree with your review. I went during opening weekend of the show, so having reserved spots was absolutely worth the expense. However, the desserts themselves were mediocre at best. The action stations weren’t around during my last visit, so it’s nice to know efforts are being made the make the experience a bit more worth it. I would only book this again if I know I’m visiting the park during peak season.

Lisa M says:

What is the show viewing situation for the Star Wars show? Is there dedicated seating or a standing area?

veronica jude says:

Those Tiger Tails at the Rivers Of Light dessert party are to die for!!! Creamsicle cake with chocolate and cream cheese!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Joy Joy says:

At the Star Wars and Rivers of Light dessert parties is all alcohol included, or is there an extra charge? If it is included, is it limited, including @Frozen?

Ashley Luis says:

I think magic kingdom needs to offer mine train, space mountain, splash mountain, thunder mountain, and pirates of the Caribbean

David Tomaka says:

Are dessert packages available for the 4th of July fireworks?

smllmal247 says:

Do any of these dessert parties accommodate allergies ? As in- if you give them ample heads up would they have a few options??

LawLibertyCompassion Justice says:

I treated my extended family to a free desert party back when it was cheaper. The prices have just gotten crazy high. I can think of better ways to spend $600.

Robin Scott says:

Great vid. Thank you. We have done the happily every after with garden view and are doing it again when we go in November. I liked the garden view – we actually could lay down and stretch out for awhile before the show. It was such a prize getting to LAY DOWN and relax in the MK! the Dessert is fine. We do it for the reserved seating really. It’s so good to not stress over finding a good viewing area and after the show the MK is sooo crowded trying to get out of the lake- we were able to stay and chill in the garden viewing area away from the crowds. Priceless !

princesskatie331 says:

We had a great time at the Star Wars dessert party. Unless it has changed since I went, one big bonus was the Star Wars characters were all available to go meet. My little cousin got to meet BB-8, Chewbacca, and Kylo Ren to his heart’s content. We all took turns accompanying him and it was super fun! Also, you get the Storm Troopers too. This might have changed, but I felt that was a nice bonus.

Bluejeans21 says:

Do you think there is enough warm/hot food at FEE DP to make it a late light dinner? Trying to make the most of my Disney spend- thank you!

RichardsonEverAfter says:

Would love to see a video about the Holiday Dessert Parties, such as the Holiday Wishes Dessert Party in MK and the Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam Dessert party!

Judi Bickford says:

My husband and I are doing The Tomorrowland Terrise(terrible speller) fireworks seated. Just wanted the opinion of The Wise Woman!

tigerlily3574 says:

I’m doing HEA and Star Wars dessert parties on my solo trip. Does anyone know if they have to go boxes in the event you don’t finish what you’re eating?

Sylvia Ramos says:

Thank you for this video! Are there any places that offer full buffet meals?

Sorcerer Heidi says:

Great job, as always AJ!  I did the MK Dessert Party about 7 years ago, and it was just “okay”. Did it as a treat/thankyou to some friends, so for that reason, as a special treat, was worth it, but probably would not do again.  Greta point on including the ride on FEA in Epcot, and suggestion for FOP!  That might make it worth it, for sure!!

Rachel Gerutta says:

Has AJ ever showed her face or what she looks like?

John Quebedeaux says:

It *sounds* like they’re getting better at doing these, we’ve done the dessert party at Magic Kingdom when it was just the terrace twice – seating was reserved but the balcony on the terrace was clear so basically after desserts you went up the balcony and hoped you got a decent view without too many people in front of you (on the same balcony – woe if you’re short like me!). Interesting changes! We’re dithering on doing them again. They did take care of me for my allergy issues, so be sure to let them know when booking you have an allergy. We did the Illuminations dessert party when it was relatively new and (before it became frozen ever after) and we had a horrible experience with the checking in and getting in – one cast member was telling people (we didn’t remember who it was and couldn’t find her after the checkin to identify her) they could just come back when it was time and another one was sending people to line up somewhere nearby in a marked off area that we didn’t know about- so it was a mad dash to the tables – and despite our being early to check in we had an horrible experience getting in. I’ll never forget that, that ruined the magic for us and after complaining to the cast member who we think was in charge, it was basically ‘sorry, we didn’t tell people that’ which was not true, another family next to us said they had the same happen to them. So sounds like it’s better organized now…

xellosspoo says:

We’re doing the Rivers of Light Dining Package, since with that we get the reserved seating and a character breakfast for $39/adult. I think it is the better option than the dessert party you mentioned they also have. We look at it as free reserved seating for a meal we would be paying for otherwise.

Terri Erwin says:

As of the beginning of September, the Star Wars dessert party isn’t available after November 5. I made all of our dining reservations online, but actually called about this (we’ll be there on a birthday!), and the dining people didn’t have any information about what was going on. Just FYI in case anyone cares.

Jessicaslovelylife says:

Please do a keto foods at Disneyland video

Kylie Wood says:

We enjoyed the Frozen Ever After party, however as a group of two, we ended up sharing a table with 3 strangers. Some twos were on their own along the rail. We knew this could happen as they do stipulate this. They handed out 3D glasses which made all of the illuminations appear to be snowflakes– really neat!! Overall glad we experienced it. Definitely made for an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Ben Salisbury says:

Love this info but you didn’t state where you watch the Star Wars firework show? Is it cordoned off, are there seats?

Vincent Parisi says:

These dessert parties look especially terrible. $70 to $80 for cupcakes and ice cream? What is this a small child’s birthday party at insanely greedy Disney prices? AJ I love your voice and videos and so often you speak with great enthusiasm about the great desserts and snacks available throughout Disneyworld. I want to fly down to Florida for the bourbon bread pudding and whiskey cream at House of Blues alone.
But really after a few desserts one is sugared out and at extortionist prices I want dessert at Ohana’s or those Hummingbird and Moonshine cakes. Really these fees call for some wonderful desserts that you would be delighted by such as they have at Les Halles and happily say ‘It’s worth the calories!’
You’re really just paying for the reserved space for the fireworks.
I was originally very interested by these parties and thought they were a great idea but after seeing the offerings no thank you. Disney should be embarrassed by these kind of cash grabs but that’s what Disney is today.

Elizabeth Corder says:

Can you do a similar video about the available dining packages?

Ariane Milanelli Sturaro says:

I was actually very confused with all the desert parties and I did not know which one to choose!!!! NOW I KNOW!!! I love these videos..thank you so much

Magical Snippets says:

What alcoholic beverages are included with the Rivers of Light Dessert party?

Robert Johnson says:

Am I crazy or does Frozen seem like the best deal for honeymooners? Unlimited Fondue, Unlimited alcohol. Seating and getting to ride the ride. Whats the downside?

Disney Fan says:

I disagree that the Galactic Dessert party is like the rivers of light party. I went to the Dessert Party at Hollywood Studios in August 2018 and there were quite a few characters there. I know that some of them are always there anyway, but I think at that time of night we did get preference. They also have storm troopers who walk around and engage with the party goers. The storm troopers also lead people out to the fireworks viewing area. You are also assigned a table, with chairs. So there is no worrying about getting a seat when you’re eating. There is no assigned seating when you view the fireworks. If you sit in the middle there will be trees that obstruct some of the side views of the fireworks and show.

orlendatube says:

What about the Ferrytale and pirate dessert parties?

Franklin Chrisman says:

Does one pay for this alcohol asking for a friend

Evian Angel says:

Such gluttony! Haha I don’t know if I could go and eat that much dessert. It is a cute idea though.

veronica jude says:

I loved the Rivers Of Light Dessert Party, everyone one else watching the show was cramped but we had lots of room and the desserts were amazing. The other shows have fireworks so this made it more special.

Patti Jones says:

Went to the Animal Kingdom dessert party last week. I agree that it’s ALL sweets. It was perfectly nice, but I would do one of the other parties … for the money it’s just not worth it in comparison to the other parties.

AllyReggie says:

I know it isn’t open right now, but why wasn’t the Ferrytale Fireworks: A Sparkling Dessert Cruise mentioned? Its a Dessert party, with desserts and drinks that are much more signature than any I saw in these videos and you get to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the water on a beautiful Ferryboat!

Joy Joy says:

Is there a vlog comparing the seasonal/Holiday dessert parties?

Dave Lilly says:

Be forewarned!!! Frozen Ever After Dessert Party is no longer VIP seating but standing room only like Star Wars Dessert Party. Disney’s web page has not been updated. I’ve contacted them to request an update to the web page as it is wrong and consumers would not know until they arrive. After all day walking, I was looking forward to sitting and relaxing while having a beverage and drinks, but I have now cancelled my reservation. I still have the Tomorrowland Terrace Reservation, hopefully, that one will continue to have seating. My expectations of Disney is too high. I would have expected with making such a drastic change from sitting to standing would have required a website change. Totally irresponsible on Disney’s part.

Lauren Michero says:

Not sure about Star Wars but Jingle Bell Jingle Bam also includes special closer viewing area which is really important if you don’t want to wait forever to get a viewing spot that’s further back. Also it’s great to get that Frozen FP but there are so many viewing spots for illuminations around world showcase especially seated viewing at restaurants like Rose and Crown and La Hacienda, that the dessert party with seating isn’t as essential as it is at MK.

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