White Castle Review Pt.2 Desserts on a Stick!!!!

Thought I forgot about yall when I hit you wit the switch up?? Never that guys/gals Check out thier Desserts on a stick from white Castle


dingle 1973 says:

What a fantastic idea desserts on a stick,the last one looked banginginging Bro ,awesome review as ever chris

daryl Ingram says:

The cherry Icy things you mentioned are now at Dollar Tree in the frozen food section. You’re Welcome. Lol


wicked. definately checkin this out essay.

BriefcaseWanker says:

is it easy to peel the dark chocolate off?

Littlemonkey44 Trickz says:

Nice vid man 😉

Hyper_Anark says:

Those accents you were doin gave me life fam…but had me dyin’ at the same time. Duality.

Carl Stacey says:

love your videos man would be great to meet you somehow one day haha

Almighty Evander says:

knew i recognized the white castle lmao fordham bx!

No Name says:

no wrong dark chocolate is really really bitter

. Dre says:

Like ta hear,hear it go

Rachel Hilgert says:

I tried the butter cake one. Not bad. I ordered the cheesecake one and they gave me the buttery one.
I probably would have liked it better if I actually read the package and realized it wasn’t the cheesecake one . hahahaha. Mind over matter. It did taste a little cheese cakeish though.
I go to the one on Boston Road near Baychester ave.

Ali Zakat says:

video is bangiiiinnngggg!!! always honest reliable reviews

Liam's LunchBox says:

I remmeber those cherry icee things! lol damn these actually lookk and sound tasty!! the cheesecake looked the best to me honestly but im not a huge fan of dark chocolate so maybe i would like the first one the best! too much chocolate in the last one hahah nice review man!!

Nutella For Free says:

Damn. You mentioning the popsicles in schools brought back memories to elementary, and I’m only 16 xD

thepizzaboy2012 says:

Yo I haven’t been on ur Chanel in a min like at least 3 years. Glad to see u holding it down doing ur thing. I really thought u quit YouTube.

zentarwarrior says:

bendito! its Bangingggggggggggg!!!!

No Name says:

no wrong dark chocolate is really really bitter

Summer Webb says:

The small part looks like just the right size!

HB And that's it says:

Dia beat us

bronxJL says:

if I didn’t know better I would say you were on Fordham Road in the Bronx. Could it be?

Food Travel Dude says:

man you hilarious! …. also I do food reviews check em KFC ‘Chick n Share’ is my lastest

Roberto Cordero says:

Dude. I was wondering where this video was, and I was starting to miss you. I hope you had amazing holidays and that 2016 treats you even better than last year.


The Spritzer!

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