Wink Cake Batter Frozen Dessert Review

Thank you all for your support over the past ten years. It’s been an amazing adventure on YouTube.

From November 16, 2006 – November 16, 2016 I shared my life, my faith, my personal experiences, and every fun skit in between.

I can go on and on about how amazing the journey has been, but after ten years… it’s time for the channel to come to an end –…

Thank you all for the love and support. I’ll be praying for you all. Remember, Jesus is the only way.


S. J. says:

No offense but you must not have taste buds… That shit taste like shit… It’s literally frozen water with skim milk fucking gross

Alter Eggo says:

I always thought there was no such as “bad” ice cream. Some was better than others, but it was still better than no ice cream at all. Until I had Wink. This is a product that should never have made it to a store shelf. I had the Coco Dough, had a few bites, and reflected. Was there any way to eat it with pleasure? Was there anything that could be combined with it to make it taste better, instead of just ruining the flavor of whatever I added? Answer: No. For the first time in my life, I actually threw out an uneaten pint of ice cream. Shame on any store that takes customers’ money for this.

Wink Frozen Desserts says:

Whattt uppp Bishop! We loved your review! Thanks for trying Wink and keep an eye out for our new #mixeduppints!

Trey jonaw says:

he finally tastes it at 3:11

hopeimfunny says:

Wink is so bad I’m actually writing a youtube comment. I’ve had plenty of wonderful vegan and otherwise diet-specialized ice cream. Wink though, is hands down, one of the worst things I’ve ever put in my mouth. I want to punch the non-chef that brought this to market.

Johnsc11904 says:

Why did it sound crunchy

The Ish 15 says:

I love shark tank!

Jennifer P. says:

I went and bought this after seeing this video. I took one bite and threw it into the trash. It’s disgusting. 🙁

YourFolksPorch says:

Aw youre so funny and adorable thanks for the review. Im gonna give it a try!

raquel kenyon says:

Close your mouth when you chew

Nesrin Erickson says:


Will T says:

I know you worry about you “over-talking” but it’s a non-issue it adds to your videos and makes them better!

Squidward Q. Tentacles says:

i tried the cinnamon bun, cocoa dough and the chocolate mint one, and the cinnamon one was pretty good. Not the other ones though, gross. I’ll have to try cake batter

Nesrin Erickson says:

haha u make me laugh

Nesrin Erickson says:

what was that lol

Rachel and Nick says:

It’s hard to describe how it really tastes like, isn’t it?? I always found it so hard lol..Ice cream looks great! I wish I could get it in Australia! 🙁

Elsie Wang says:

I tried to wink dessert as well, in fact I liked it more than the regular ice cream that I would find too rich and buttery. This was nice and nutty and had a very pleasing flavor easy on the taste buds, and i just couldn’t put the spoon down! Which wasn’t a problem at all in fact, given it’s a 100 calorie pint.

Matthew Perry says:

it’s like the old saying don’t judge a book by its cover until you try it

Diddlebites says:

Just bought some cause of this video, thanks!

zaffri says:

Is this sponsored?

Nicole Oconnor says:

It was terrible, you should have been more honest. It has a bad after taste and an Icy texture. I wasted 50 dollars because of this dishonest review.

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