Wink Frozen Dessert Unboxing and Review | Cake Batter, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cocoa Dough, Caramel

My unboxing and review of Wink Frozen Desserts. Cake Batter, Strawberry Cheescake, Cocoa Dough, Black Cherry Cacao Nibs, Choco Mint, Candy Caramel Apple


Amanda Mergens says:

Did I read correctly Choco Mint was only 100 calories? If so, it breaks the trend by being one of the more delicious ones!

V Lellis says:

you are freaking hilarious! I was laughing the entire video. I look forward to watching the rest of your videos!

scottrolen27mvp says:

So are the higher calorie ones more creamy? or is it all the same texture?

Diane B says:

Instead of just staring at the container ( as you smack your lips) why not read the ingredients as you did in son of the other containers. If you are trying it just because of ethical issues your opinion doesn’t mean much to me. But if you have multiple allergies food options are limited and your opinion might be different.

Diane B says:

I thought you had a good personality and were very informative but annoying taking multiple bites ,smacking your lips and not giving feed back yet continuing to eat it then saying you don’t think it’s that good… your opinion of the product was confusing and annoying

cam cata says:

A lot of ice cream has eggs in it!! Much of Haagen Dazs ice creams, talenti, lots of popular flavors!

cmulv16 says:

hey this is a cool review. you’re way cute and you also have a fun way of joking around. anyway I just wanted to mention that a great Frozen treat is frozen blueberries with whole milk yogurt particularly Stonyfield Farm whole milk yogurt as it’s really creamy. if you just mix it up pretty good with a spoon the yogurt becomes almost Frozen like ice cream. but it tastes way healthier and it actually leaves you’re feeling good afterwards not like ice cream. anyway just wanted to mention it maybe you can try for yourself and if you like it do review. I put Frozen cherries would also be good and strawberries too but the blueberries seem to taste the best. anyway it’s help me kick the ice cream have it as I always felt lousy after devouring a ton of ice cream. I put a lot of frozen blueberries in with the yogurt so it’s really cold. all right if you try it let me know what you think. keep up the good work with the videos as I really like your delivery you have a fun cool way about you. you kinda remind me of a younger version of a cross between Hilary Swank and Tina Fey. but you’re a lot younger than them so don’t be offended or anything just something about your style reminds me a little of them. alright thanks again be good

Diane B says:

I’m allergic to cherries and mint but love caramel. Please read the ingredients when trying the product. Just tasting and silently reading the ingredients isn’t helpful and as you said everyone has different tastebuds. I eat to live, not live to eat , so if there is a ” treat ” I can add to my limited food list I would actually order the caramel because of your reviews

Jenn B says:

Try HALO TOP. Amazing! My favorite is the mint chip.

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