Wink Frozen Dessert – Vanilla Bean | Is this even ice cream?!


I finally got my hands on a pint of Wink. And MAN, what a surprise. The texture is… interesting, and the taste was pretty tough to put my finger on (until Sara set me straight). Honestly, it’s a pretty baffling product. I don’t really even consider it ice cream. If you’ve had it, let me know what you think!

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Tatiana Voncille says:

For 0 carbs I might eat stale bubble gum.

HeckNoGMOs says:

Best “Ice cream” taste test ever!

Jeanna B says:

A pint of ice! Someone’s getting ripped off! Lol it’s like *wink* we’re getting away with selling this and duping people lol

Lisa Gadsby says:

I just couldn’t. It was inedible. It went in the trash!

Joe Curry says:

Only the top layer is Icy, if you let it sit out longer it has more of a jello texture

Michelle Kimmet says:

Bahahahahaha at Sara! Taste like bubble gum…lol

Pam Kaplan says:

For zero net carbs, I’d rather suck on an ice cube – its awful!

Nonjo Bizniz says:

ha ha ha! This was the BEST review! I was feeling kind of down in the dumps and now I can’t stop smiling after this charming episode. Thanks 🙂

Chris Dale says:

It’s just like sherbet

Liz Plawman says:

What’s the best ice cream you have tried with the lowest amount of carbs

Patricia Martinez says:

Willing to try it….but what’s the cost?

Mim Milch-Grote says:

More Sara! I loved your banter together. Sounds like she nailed the flavor.

Cache Addict-Mel *Mel Stowe says:

Omg, your wife should totally join you in the reviews.

HeckNoGMOs says:

Read through comments…agreed, more Sara! She’s feisty, I like it.

Wafa Safi says:

Tried this once and will not buy this again. Very disappointing and usually someone in the house would like these “trial” foods, but this one had no takers after the first bite.

Carisa says:

Officially insisting that your wife join you more often. Love her commentary! So funny.

Erynn Haskins says:

Thanks for the honest review. I really didn’t like it

Dina Johnson says:

Love your wife!!!

Jon Penvose says:

Haha! I couldn’t stop laughing at your wife’s reaction! If I had a request, it would be more of her in your food reviews! Thanks AD!

Carolina Keto says:

Thanks for another great review! Sounded like old school “ice milk” from back in grade school. I saw some words around the top say “nut free”, any sign of being processed in a facility with nuts on the label? We have to be careful at our house due to allergies.

Tatiana Voncille says:

If you are not opposed to coconut milk SoDelicious makes a sugar free chocolate flavor.

Michael S. Partlow says:

Aaron, is that your wedding ring on your middle finger, and if so, is that due to the weight you lost with Keto?

ChromaDoh says:

Hahahaha!!! I love this review. Very funny

Keto in Context says:

Loved, loved, loved this video.

Kathy Owens says:

My hubby and I tried this about a month ago.. I was not a fan. Yes.. icy and flat flavor. Loved your review.

Jack Mill says:

Yuck. It’s nasty

CivilianSheepdog631 says:

Love this channel it’s non political, religious etc I’m so tired of all those channels that get political constantly. Any-who I’ve tried Halo ice cream not bad but I believe the carbs are unfortunately to high for my Keto diet maybe a little here and there.

BigBird75 says:

Kudos to Saras of the world (my fiancé’s name is also Sara) for their knack for setting us straight lol.


“Oh, I love her” got you a thumbs up!

Papa G's Low Carb Recipes says:

Funny! I think there are some subliminal messages on the package… A wad of chewed bubble gum on the spoon and of course the wink! Great review Aaron (and Sara)!

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