YoNanas – A review of the Healthy Banana-based Ice Cream Machine

I’m in the kitchen making ‘ice-cream’ out of bananas with the Yonanas.
The YoNanas is available from a number of stores including Costco in the UK, and available on Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1fCKDtR
or Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1CB5Iik
Loads of people keep typing the same comment over and over and over about letting the bananas defrost a bit first…. Despite the fact I said this in the video…it’s like people are watching something else then commenting here….very very strange and repetitious behaviour.


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lanswipe says:

I want you to talk about the coffee maker in the background. That looks interesting…

Distinctively Collective says:

that looks really good i love bananas thank you very much for putting out this video awesome 🙂

Darren Lear says:

Just use your blender

William Gottlieb says:

It would be much more effective and a whole lot easier to use a potato masher. Not an electric mixer, just the old handle with a metal grate pattern on the end.

Henry Clarke says:

Just use a blender.

Jamie Hanrahan says:

I’d much rather just eat the fruit and skip the “sorbet” part – also skip the cleaning part.

phydeauxddog says:

Ever try carrot ice cream.

Tan Gerine says:

I have absolutely no interest in this device, but I’m completely addicted to watching Techmoan reviews.

The golden block of emarald says:

I’ve had mine for 5months now I got it in Costco for £49.99 also my one seems to work a lot better than yours my one is not as loud

Geek speak Made chic says:

It’s dole, 1 syllable

Nandoo says:

it’s 3 am wtf am I doing

Scott McClure McClure says:

That should call it

Lewis Johnson says:

Smushed up frozen fruit actually sounds pretty good

Saud H says:

it looks rubbish product

Michael Weis says:

Stupid gadget no one needs… if I want mushy fruit ‘ll let my wife prechew it. Especially whole tree and peanuts- unpeeled. And of course honey melons.

Seherzada Omerbegovic says:

The frozen fruit needs to thaw out for 5-10 minutes and the fruit needs to be in small chunks.

ravi teza says:

Looks like its taking a dump….

outsider344 says:

The Yonana hungers. *Insert the sacrificial banana* !

Geoengineering Exposed says:

I make banana ice cream in my Vitamix and it works like a dream every time.

Purple Hydrangea says:

best review for this product by far

Robert Scales says:

Where the fridge do you buy your giant fruit?

איתמר ערב says:

I think that for your own recipe what would’ve made it better is if you had stuck a frozen banana (not a lightly defrosted one) and the insert the rest of the lightly defrosted fruit, it would mix up inside the machine

aTeólogo De Virtud says:

YoNanas so ____ she ____!

Bobby Slater says:

I do this with my food processor, and the fruit doesn’t get stuck inside it.

Lucifur says:

Nana twenty one pilots

William Afton987 says:

missed your channel, Google region locked my account glad to finally see your channel again

Glitchy Glitch says:

Why do your bananas have seeds?

Sejez says:

yonana so fat!

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