$1 Donut Vs. $100 Donut

“This is truly the best donut I have ever had.”

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Joanna Park & Katie Villanueva
Ryan Ososky
Teresa Larsen

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joni vidivici says:

4 $donut on the sec place.12 for 3 right?

MegaAbdullah567 says:

why doesn’t Adam talk?

TooMuchMath says:

“oily cooks, oily ducks, k I get its *oily cocks* “

jungshook says:

6:07 lmfao

Carina Wong says:

For me the cheaper donut the better because they have that good cheap savory donut taste.

Tuan Hung vo says:

Ill just get Dukin Donuts

Fraz Lovie says:

When is the next series

Th3 DeSTROY3R says:

10:04 Adam eat chicken sandwich

Macaroons Galore! says:

Well, they are not Lannisters but they do poop gold.

Lydia Savitt says:


Quinya And or says:

Aww Adam is so cute

South Vietnam says:

“If you eat gold you poop gold.” If I eat a Vietnamese cake my poop will be green :/ it still tasted good though

Hermione Poirot says:

We all know that Adam is the star of the show

Cupckake Love says:

I’m in love with Andrew’s laugh

Carlos Fair says:

You guys be during Adam wrong

Paul G says:

i love that they save some for adam

Darren Scott says:

There stomachs were never the same after the golden donout.

Clorox Bleach says:

Who else wanted a donut while watching this

Kawaii Girl_206 says:


Homer Simpson says:

Oh baby…………

Hazal Bicare says:

I’m always worried that they won’t leave any for Adam.

Little_Kitty_ says:

Lots of calories to poop up and gold to dig through the toilet for

Cousin Larry says:

The gay things they do are just as weird as the faces they make

Amy Lach says:

Guess what my parent work at a donut shop

Joseph Mekhail says:

Had me at nutella

Meili Tan says:

That last donut reminds me of Bruno Mars’ album 24K Magic; chocolate, the gold, strawberry champagne. Random but lol.

lyn gollan says:

I am so hungry right now

sam christo says:

Andrew and Stephen have the dream job

Kazhae Bailey says:

*eats golden donut*
*looks at camera*
“They have chicken sandwiches here too, right?”

Thought he was Finna say something about the darn donut…

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