4KSugarGlazed – Offbeat Donut Review Ireland

It’s your boys DonutDudeHD and 4KSugarGlazed right back with some more donut delights from the Emerald Isle! Off Beat hit us up on Twitter after one of you suggested we check them out whilst here, all I can say is, THANK YOU!


Hobo Ducks says:

Sjin that burn aloud the £

Aaron Claydon says:

facken lovely donuts bruda

Matthew Wright says:


Trace McLain says:

is that @Dave on Twitter from Podiots??

Jade says:

2:20 Turps 2.0?

Bigger Bloke says:

Someone should have been “420GlazeIt”

KlaxonCow says:

Did you know that the English translation of what Dublin means is actually “Blackpool”?

From dubh (/d̪uβ/, /d̪uw/, /d̪uː/) meaning “black, dark”, and lind (/lʲiɲ(d̪ʲ)/) “pool”.

So, basically, you’re eating doughnuts in Blackpool.


HuzzyGames says:

I missed out on Donuts.

ZeroSurvivalRate says:

And so the story of the doughnut kings continues… This could be a series on Food Network. X’D

zindi1138 says:

junk food

aqqle says:

Sjin’s beard is so well groomed

Richard Nunn says:

Sjin’s beard is looking amazing

Tessa L says:

A Terry’s Chocolate Orange donut? Be still my heart. Those all look incredible.

Mailb0x1 says:

This is the kind of quality videos I expect of the legendary turps just 10/10 dude amazing.

Hot Shame says:

“it’s more stable than the pound” -Sjin facts 2018

N94able says:

What county are they in?
Never mind I watched the fuckin video

TheDemonSaint says:

Definitely need more collab


That one unlike. Piss off

Pawel Habrajski says:

Offbeat are the best

Conor Lennon says:

I’m sorry about our street hecklers, us Irish have far too much to say sometimes.

pokemonteaml says:

For tom is quiz time with simon, for turps its donut time… i think we need more quality content from the yogscast

Chris M says:

I would do weird stuff for that bueno donut.


AmberAndGolden says:

Doughnut legends

TheHellopleasee says:

The only bad thing about this is how badly I’m craving doughnuts now.

Alex Stephenson says:

Pause at 2:20 it’s turps lost brother

Mysti Rayne says:

Got a bit distracted by the sugar/cinnamon on the tip of Turps nose.

Crok says:

my heart skipped a beat when you whipped out the apple crumble. my god.

Mechanical Mind says:

I was thinking my name would either be “420GlazeIt” or “360DoughScope”

Manukachan says:

Turps, next time you guys are in the US, you should check out the Mini Donut Factory! Based in Florida. They have the tastiest donuts, plus they also have a donut milkshake!

Fred Durst says:

Finally, Turps is realizing his true potential as a donut vlogger and reviewer. Absolutely exceptional content. Well done.

Aaron Dempsey says:

Theres a big part of me that is so happy to see youtubers I like with the background of my city. The other small part is expecting some junkie to harass them on the boardwalk and for their view of Dublin to be negative.

Magnetix15 says:

I would not be upset if this channel became a doughnut eating channel.

Nicholas Andershock says:

come to Pittsburgh for peace love and little donuts

KlaxonCow says:


AwesomeAartvark says:

Okay, but that chocolate orange donut tho, mmmmm, I don’t even really like chocolate flavored things, but that just looked delicious!

Oliver Perkins says:

Oh my god. When did turps get so handsome?

Francisco remato says:

You should do more random stuff like this turps your very entertaining to watch

Grant Ez says:

Turps should change his channel to a Doughnut Review channel

npeq93 says:

My donut name is glazedhole69

InsaneChef says:

Sjin & turps r my spirit animals

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