7-Eleven Twix Donut Review – CarBS

Welcome to CarBS! On this show Matt Zion will be reviewing food/drinks in his car to get them out to the fans asap! Today Zion reviews 7-Eleven Twix Donut!

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scottmthw says:

Matt, what kind of doughnuts are you into??

RejZoR says:

“It was a good death.”

Herman Pesina says:

I can’t stand Donuts in the morning. makes my stomach hurt

Clint Howard says:

omfg 613k subscribers to watch a guy eat food in his car and then talk about it. That’s more than Red Letter Media lol.

Martin A.1 says:

ur channel went to shit ,just like your music carrer,u ain’t Rollin no more

Nick Lee says:

Jinder Mahal won the title. i will celebrate with eating a dozen of these.

Timefliesbye says:

What’s the point of a Twix doughnut… when it’s all about the cookie!!!

Nick says:

glock 18 or m1911

Kydd Vycious says:

I still trip hard when I see this new intro

TheNineDivides says:

that samurai part made me laugh haha good vid matt

GroovinBird says:

Mounds!!! Cause I am a COCO…NUT!!!

Roland Mendoza says:

i vote for reeses better ✔✔✔✔✔

khrystal1968 says:


DR. Raw Balls says:

They have a Reese’s brownie if your not aware.. it’s been around for a year or two An my local 711 still carries them an they come in fresh with the donuts nightly

Eileen Tirado says:

I do t know if its because I’ve been wanting an eclair but that looks great

Jay 88dalefan says:

Blending different cheese flavors in to a shake or combine all of them into one cheese

Jordan Davis says:

Jinder Fucking Mahal won the WWE title This is why I enjoy Raw more than Smackdown as of late

Fear No Man But God says:

Yanks must be the dirtiest human being in this world, they will eat any shit man makes up.

Steven Cameron says:

Harakiri !

Frank Sandqvist says:

Papa emeritus!

Joshua Strong says:

Who the fuck eats a donut like that

Teh KGB says:

i saw this shit at the store idk chocolate bar pastries are too heavy for me lmao

Sarina Nyannyan says:

God, Matt, I’d wear that doughnut as a condom and f**k you so far up the ass with it that I’d overpower that caramel with chocolate.

noisyturtle says:

yeast bar

MrSsfsfsf says:

As a Japanese America, I offended at lacist leference to honorable suicide in name of donut.

Favelize Gaming says:

Where’s the backlash review

NightIIJester says:

When I was young papa worked for the right Twix factory. Then one day the secret police came for him. They took him away and burnt our village claiming there were several supporters of the left Twix faction. I vowed revenge on all things Twix so I joined Hershey’s underground movement.
I was just going to ask if you liked right or left Twix but someone already did. Later!

Ab Al says:

going to buy it tomorrow looks good lol

Jay 88dalefan says:

Good job hey will u do an umtimate cheese blending

Mecha Ash says:

I really, really want one of those…

Justin Jordan says:

left twix or right twix

Captain Imagination says:

WrecklessEating have you been to Bill and Tim’s Barbecue? Also do enjoy going to Famous Dave’s?

NerdSync says:

A Reese’s version would be amazing!

lordwindowlicker says:

Yuck at the word “yeast”?

Victorious Kun says:

I’ll love your doughnut you sexy sexy man you 😉

dbosss86 says:


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