7 ELEVEN’S New PB&J Donut taste review

On the job just snack’n and chilling.


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AleDuhGoat 1231 says:

I wanna try it

ClubAmerica92 says:

Appreciate the review bro, I’ve been working at a bakery making donuts for 7-11 for 5 years now. It’s a great donut sadly I could tell it had been manhandled quite a bit.
Just curious, where did you buy this one?

Cola James says:

It looks gooooood

Violet Martinez says:

Love the review, but I miss the Remy glass, yeah! Sweets aren’t my things but I understand a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Victoria Jackson says:

What you do Chris uber black? I did uber and lyft for a year. Paid pretty damn good taking customers to and from the airport. Ima check out that doughnut though for sure.

ronald Williams says:

that’s looks good asf!

Freddie's Food Reviews says:

Omg this must be good


Keep your day job Pimppin

Macceo N says:

Surprised u didn’t just get something else. Last one, all touched up? At least it seemed fresh. Put Pb and j on anything and it will taste like a Pb and j sandwich… Not hating, just saying. STILL looking fresh Captain Snacks!

OCD Gamer says:

You csnacks I saw some pumpkin pie pop tarts and pumpkin spice cheerios you should get them and review them !

Marquita R says:

Yo I’m so jelly (lol) right now, fellow snack heads that live in Knoxville Tennessee do y’all know where the closest 7 11 is I can’t find one around me lol and c-snacks I’m sitting here ghost bitting the donut with you right now lol but thank you for this video today I’m having a hard day today

Tracy Wishom says:

I knew that was going to be a winner .

Randy H. says:

You did a review for the item I recommended! Heck yeah! I know people request you try different items a lot, and I am genuinely honored that you took the time to try the *PB&J Donut* from 7-Eleven. I knew you’d like it. I just finished a 12-hour shift, and I’m going to get a couple of them right now myself. Much respect C-Snacks!

Dion W says:

C snacks is killing daym

green ninga got a side kick called black ninga says:

Your the best and very funny

Ryan VanGoethem says:

Snacks! you gotta try the new gummy Trolli’s!!! “twisted” bright crawlers! they are LEGITTT!

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