A Guy’s Review of Doughnuts


MB Toy Review says:

You are the best donuts are my favorite

Game Face Artistry says:

You need to post more

G_Guy001 says:

Well now I have mental diabetes.

chr0m389 says:

really upset me how little you bit off each donut.
fuck you

Aleesa Baakko says:

Quality content, Robbie. Keep it up.

tviktoria26 says:

i’ve had a shitty week and this made me laugh so much. you’re the best robbie

Geliormth says:

A bun with a hole in the middle, dipped in sugar.
Well played.

Carli DeLoach says:

This video is sweet.

AgiIeBeast says:

I would’ve eat them all whole with one glass of milk.

Ryuk1138 says:

but are they sweet?

K. PacificNW says:

I learned that donuts are sweet! I won’t eat a donut unless I’m also having coffee. No point.

Nick roberts says:

thanks for making videos, you’re my favorite tubester

Mario Cario says:

its really sweet.

Mike Blodgett says:

Doughnuts are sweet, got it.

SD sc0rch says:

sitting here watching this – mouth is watering..! lol

walkingtheriver says:

This video was worth watching purely because of the ending.

Kutwa says:

The pinwheel one us called a honeycruller up here in the north and it’s my favourite

Jose Luis Trujillo says:

Donuts or doughnuts?

Never Falter says:

Where’d you film this? o.O

Nicole Slater says:

Best review I’ve ever seen in my life. I feel changed.

Ealdy says:

May God rescue my soul from the existence that I have been lost in.

Bayward says:

oops. forgot the funny in that one

Shanai St Bernard says:

Guy you need your own show!

Buddhabushka says:

love me some pumpkin

MB Toy Review says:

The cruller is made of egg

3210jr says:

Been too long! more videos! Good stuff always

Gux says:

HOly shit I can’t stop fucking laughing.

dalcowboiz says:

Maybe we should blur that out.

Alorand says:

Now I want to try the pinwheel one to figure out how it tastes. I’ve never had it, and I don’t think I know anyone who likes them.

Tim Darracott says:

Where did Robbie go?

Pop and Lemonade says:

how you make eating donuts entertaining for 4 whole minutes is beyond me.

Joshua Yundt says:

I used to love his videos, but they’re getting worse.

schnecktec says:

Thx 4 review

Larry Wolf says:

To actually do a taste review, you actually have to take a bite of it, man. What the hell were you doing? I think my 4 year old little girl takes bigger bites than those delicate little nibbles you were doing, Francis.

Also, those donuts looked like garbage. I get mine from a local bakery, but judging from this, it looks like Dunkin Donuts is afraid to actually put hardly anything on theirs at all.

Abhishek Srivastava says:

What a loser!

hamed manoochehri says:

where the f**k was he recording this?seems like he is in a waiting room and Doughnuts happen to be there.

Chris says:


Hrcnhntr613 says:

The eggs comment… ugh. lol

NiCole4ya says:

had to watch this with one eye closed because I’m so done.

he is so accurate I love him

Swiggins says:

how many layers of irony are we on?

Chelsea says:

very informative. and sweet.

Drobie says:


Jason Atkins says:

Was he getting a blowie at the same time? I think that was the joke.

Aryan Ghouri says:

what did you do with the left over?

Sumiah M. says:

your face man how serious you are kills me!!ugh lol

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