An honest review of McDonalds donut sticks


Bonzi Buddy says:

That god damn question mark is going to bother me forever.

john hightower says:

You should have your own show on tv.

The Dark Knight aka Omicron Ascension 1 says:

Your new demographic : Future Diabetics and bed ridden 600 lb whales on oxygen. Try a salad you Fat undisciplined bastard.

Daniel Bergschneider says:

LOL like to see more food reviews.

elektro elektron84 says:

Big black biggot keep on making some more food videos…

resmed user says:

I rather go to Krispy Kreme, they allow u to open carry here in Alabama while enjoying coffee and donuts

radio tech says:

Reminds me of when Burger King came out with their version of a hot dog In ny and it was the most disgusting hot dog ever made stick to getting your donuts somewhere else I wouldn’t mind seeing a review of the Arby’s Greek gyro being from New York and having real Greeks who make real gyros I wonder how good it is

Dan McCollister says:

Island freaks are deprived!

hendrxfn says:

If you had to think long and hard about it, and take seconds, thirds, it propably wasnt that great lol

Cigar Face! says:

back in vegas!! whoop!!

Dan McCollister says:

I love the sausage biscuits and coffee, used to get that for two bucks! But they raised the price.

Kevin Rodriguez says:

Why don’t you fix the interior specifically the roof is an easy fix that takes less than an hour and could be done by yourself +Blackbigot

Mr. WILL says: it like a friggin “churro”?

Bvcr Mugfuyg says:

Blavk attack gone wack yack. Yet. He lack jack now Lamont go back tooioo making Tuesday QnA everyday on stream now scream

Bournemouth Urban Explorers says:

They are called doughnut twists in the uk

Jeff M says:

In Milwaukee the new McDonald’s don’t brew coffee anymore it comes out of a machine .

Jason Thigpen says:


n/a says:

i feel as if youre not being completely honest

Game Reviewer says:

My mom makes those at home they are not that special bruh!

Walking Journey says:

Welcome to the club maybe it’s your calling like Joeys World’s Tour.

resmed user says:


gummodude says:


sisterearth says:

Too funny. They are good, too expensive for what it is★peace

Jason Thigpen says:

Yo yo big

Pokey Porter says:


TheIndianscout says:

Try the ones at Taco bell

Josh Crispy says:

Hi biggot I like crispy cream donuts


Shower you animal

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