Campfire Donut – Bath & Body Works Candle Review – Winter 2017

Here are my post-burn thoughts on the Campfire Donut candle from Bath & Body Works / White Barn Candle. This candle has passed test and is now available nationwide! Stay tuned for my haul video, and check out my winter holiday test candle haul here:

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Tessykinz says:

I love the stuff youve added to your backround!

Bianca Mitchell says:

I can’t smell this. At all.

Pemyquid says:

I smelled this candle yesterday after watching your initial review and I thought it was the one that you said had a coffee note….? What I got was watered down cinnamon sugared donut (well minus the cinnamon) mixed with a faint coffee note. I didn’t get bread at the time per se, although now that you both have said funnel cake I want to smell it again. And Fresh Baked Baguette was not sweet. It smelled EXACTLY like its name. And was amazing. And should be brought back dammit!

Inenell says:

I definitely get fruit loops on cold. Much more so than anything else. I might be able to pick up a funnel cake scent if I could actually smell it while burning.

Hearth and Soul says:

See we’re not always on different pages! Lol
Mine is not as sweet as yours or at least my perception but funnel cake is what I would say.
I’ve been going to Fairs since I was 6 years old and I’m 43 but I definitely get more of a Savory undertone.
Thank you for the review always nice to see you.

Heartstrings 2016 says:

Great review as always. I brought 2 of these today. On cold mine seem to be sweet (confectioners sugar), as the first thing to hit you. I also found that the store had 3 different batch numbers and some were not that sweet..I picked the sweeter ones.

PumpkinSpiceAllYear says:

If this smells just like a funnel cake, I need it ASAP!

Sammy Kay says:

BBW should’ve released this as a fall scent and done a “harvest festival” collection with this candle called funnel cake. I always used to get a funnel cake at the harvest festival. The collection could’ve had pumpkin carving, caramel apple, hay ride, etc. They really need a new development and marketing team.

Ashley Rose says:

On cold sniff I 100% get fruit loops

Kelly Canty says:

I got bread on cold sniff and a lighter cinnamon sugar donut (minus the cinnamon) when burning. I really actually like it. It was really sweet.

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