Candle Review Bath & Body Works Campfire Donut!

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BA BF says:

When making homemade bread, that smell is incredible through the house. I just have never found an artificial version that captures that well.

Jennifer M says:

Great review ! I am almost finished of the Campfire Donut. I am smelling a croissant with confectionery sugar on the top. I really love it, although I wish it was a little stronger. I will be hoarding a few as it is a little different.

Jenn S says:

I have the one from test A1 and compared it to CGC and FB and I’ve heard some get more yeasty bread and others get more sweetness also. Mine is most definitely CGC and it reads more puff pastry. Has the slightest bit of yeasty undertone but nowhere near that of FB. In fact if you compare it to the Funnel Cake tester candle (not the wallflower because that has too much spice) it’s super similar just more bready, less sweet in comparison. Great review and glad to see yours is preforming decent because I read some folks had issues in the area also.

Krone Ell says:

Thanks Melanie. I returned mine as it just did not make me feel warm and cozy like so many of the bakery scents I love. My favorite candles from BBW of all time are: Berry Waffle Cone, nutmeg and spice, Pumpkin Coconut, Rasperry Peach Macaron, and now Cinnamon Pretzel Twist. Have you burned that one yet? I KNOW you will love it. It’s not the strongest, but it’s SOOOO warm yummy and cozy. Let me know if you get a chance to try that one. Thanks!

Angel Yancey says:

The coffee candle and the harvest pear candle are really good.

MsShaye H says:

Hey! Have you tried the “LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW!” candle?! Nice review!

heliimara says:

I really wish they shipped worldwide!

2GAYDADS says:

Mine was an A2. I didn’t really get funnel cake with mine either like others have said. I meant to mention that in my review but forgot! How did yours burn? Mine took forever to completely pool out on 2 edges. Overall I enjoyed mine even though I wish mine would have been a little stronger. I definitely would like to get another. Great review! Thanks for sharing Melanie! – Brett

Angel Yancey says:

Took mine back did not smell at all was so mad wanted to love it.

Jennifer Marie says:

Try cinnamon pretzel twist if u haven’t yet, at first I was like meh but I’m really LOVING it now!!

Jennifer Marie says:

I bought 2 I’m half way thru my first one and still smell nothing! I am burning in my open concept. I’m bummin bc I love it cold,,, Whats ur batch number Melanie? Did I miss it in ur description box?? Thought it would b similar to cinnamon pretzeI twist which I’m actually quite enjoying, the Cinnamon Pretzel Twist is yummy! And that ones really throwing great for me. Thx for the review xxoojenn

Stephanie Stanton says:

This candle has really grown on me and it is my favorite of the camp winter line. I just get the bread note, like you, along with a throw around a 6. Thanks for the review! 🙂

Kimberly Pilkington says:

No cedar? That is what is keeping me from buying it. Bread and cedar… Yuck. But this sounds nice.

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