C&G Holsters – I Hate Gear Reviews

I finally figured out a way to make gear reviews fun.

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My PO Box:
3300 N. Main St. D
PMB 282
Anderson, SC 29621

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Hank On Me says:

Balance them audio levels

Memes And Pepe says:

Nice tomato mafia shirt!

Instinctual Havoc says:

I think we need more of these..

Oliver James says:

Did he just do a America?

pentolp says:

What is with the firing 2 bullets and changing mags?

This isn’t COD

ANDROID 25 says:

Nice gear review

Bearboyjd says:

That’s not even hot sauce!

Unbriferous says:

The linus part 17894/10 would laugh again

pentolp says:

How come no one made a joke when he slided the mag in and out.

TSTUMP says:

Alrighty, you sold me on it.

Kinghenry96 says:

This is the funniest fucking gear review i have ever seen, pleaseeee do more like it

Chris Forsyth says:

By far the best thing I’ve seen on YouTube in a long time

joe g says:

Why have you not done more infomercials? Epic review overall.

Jag Wulf says:

Oof, you said small child.


Donut Operator says:

Use the code “donut10” for 10 percent off at the C&G holsters website!
Merch: http://donutoperator.com
Pledge to me on patreon: https://patreon.com/donutoperator

Perrin Dudeck says:

Ughh….where’d he get the mask from tho?….

Hecking Heck says:

I like this, I loved the part where general Sam gave you a suggestion

True Edge says:

6:46 I AM that ginger fuckhead! O.- How DARE you say such INSULTING things?! Don’t you know you could TRIGGER someone!?
(And, because this is the internet in 2019, it’s a JOKE everyone, calm your crotchtits.)

Kyle Williams says:

Donut did you just happen to own a gimp mask ??

Ramon Herrera says:

Dem lats looking thicc

xpatches13 says:

This could be the greatest Gear review video ever published on YouTube. Eva. lol well done!

bmassey1184 says:

Well I was originally upset that I had to come to work this Monday morning but this video made it all worth it haha

09Jaysoncraft says:

8:44 Donut will now transform regular cat into…


Delagalaga! ! says:

I would say go right into the ridiculous skits and spice in some serious stuff to not upset the company sponsoring you. Keep grinding at it you have the personality to do it!

Brett Steele says:

Now that was some funny shit.

Richard Doran says:

thanks for the goofy shit!

Arrow 117 says:

I saw your underwear, demonetized!

Raider Ren says:


AsianTrix says:

Fine, I’ll watch your stupid gear review.

That Fat Kid says:

Do more! Whatever it is that keeps you having fun, you’ll figure the rest out as you go. Like.. how to make throwing a holster into a bucket of coke logical. lol!

GlitterJuice says:

cant find the tomato tommy gun shirt on merch page..?

Crazy panda says:

Are you wearing a Leon lush shirt

Matt Sanchez says:

Dropping it for the Linus part. Made me laugh.

Lydia Hutchens says:

I hate gear review videos too but this was great lmao

Sally Violet says:

I mean….that’s not what I expected. I say that in the best way possible! Lmao! I love you man!

sam brown says:

all that confusion about the state lines around and near Ballentine (or however tf you spell it) makes 100% sense to me

GlitterJuice says:

donut shits fire tonight!!

Jeff Torrey says:

Do that cute thing with pipe round on the line I might, stress might, beat your with your own weapon. ND must never happen Donut!! I never play with my tool, that is why I married. 😉

Other than, love on ya. You are credit.

zelta delta says:

7:43 looks like a weapon straight out of a zombie survival game or movie

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