A lot of donuts.
Love you guys!


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Fix you – Collin McLoughlin

Pumpernickle – AOK

Airportlounge – Kevin McLeod

The One – CFM


NTK-panda says:

Guuuurl love you!!!

Adam says:

I feel like I’m the only person who prefers super cakey donuts 🙂

See Me says:

Give me your donut so I can rate it;)

mona lese says:

Love your video! Can you make a video on what you eat in a normal day on low carb diet?

Olivia Kershner says:

Thank you for inspiring me to treat myself! I have come to learn that it’s ok to enjoy the things you love once in a while, God Bless you Livia!❤️❤️

Derek Schmidt says:

I so hope you and Nate can keep it together while youre gone. Youre both awesome and you both make his channel a must watch

Howard Johnson says:

Damn. The cream cheese one looks so good!

VegasFit says:

When you put your fork to those fries and asked if it’s weird, my immediate reaction was, “Yes. Yes, it is.” I then realized I use a fork for chili cheese fries so I quickly retracted my statement :).

Keep up the cheat day vids. Everything is on point!

Sophie-Marie Ludwig says:

I love how you show the landscape in your videos and I just wish to be there because it looks awesome! Can’t wait for my exchange year that will start in two years 😀

Donnie Darko says:

If you busted your head open donuts would fall out.

ANTONY Abad says:

I like my women like I like my doughnuts… HOT and Holy !

Joshua Ojeda says:

That was vanila pudding, Boston Cream is my all time favorite donut, well now my number one fav is this peanut butter cream filled which its oretty much boston cream but peanut butter instead and has a swirl of peanut butter on top of the chocolate oh its soo good

Elena K says:

Nice vid.Time to step up your training.

Jade Rose says:

How often do you have your cheat day

Jesse Monroe says:

best part out of the whole vid 4:18…LMAO

Kool Burn says:

yay, cheat day video. Donuts…again…

BiiShin says:

Dont know why just luv your video!!
From Korea!!

Jet Gorospe says:

I love to watch your videoes together with nate..have you tried apple n’ spice and bunwich from dunkin donuts?//.i love donuts too..
More videoes to come…peace!!

Gerry Attrik says:

Poutine challenge, please ☺️

Ana Paula Galicia says:

It’s so satisfying to watch you enjoy food 🙂

JC Loomz says:

Idk why, but your videos are so fun to watch, just your awesome edits, to your funny humor. Love you, and your channel Livia! <3

Manuel González says:

Your cheat days never let down, they’re aaweesome!! I can’t get enough of cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, like everything related to cinnamon and apple haha xD

Basma says:

Cool edit

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