Chocolatier Reviews Cheap Valentine’s Day Chocolates

“You have one day a year to show yourself!”

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Old School Cool
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Jonathan Grahm- Chocolatier and Owner of Compartes


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Mister E says:

I was gonna watch this but actually i have to click away cuz I’m gonna crave chocolate too much… #watchlater


Want chocolate, buy chocolate

Rebecca Hay says:

I actually think Lindt chocolate is too oily but to each their own… people usually like the candy they grew up on the most. For me that would be Cadbury Dairy Milk lol

Dayle Kenny says:

Ain’t no such thing as “cheap” valentine’s day chocolates for me

Megan van Niekerk says:

Did he say that Lindt Chocolate is not “Great”?!

Pakken11 says:

Yeah, I knew I preferred Lindt over everything else in the store 😛

The real Night Time says:

I can’t believe you didn’t like Russell Stover! The title is misleading as well, Russell Stover ain’t cheap trust me. The chocolate boxes cost from three to sevendy bucks!

Angie Vano says:

I HATE Whitmans! I actually have the same box of Russell Stovers in my kitchen rn. My husband just visited the Russell Stover store while he was working out of town.

SportsPost says:

This guy might have the best job ever

Mølly Demetria says:

Lindt chocolate is the best chocolate out there definitely white chocolate

Everything Else is Irrelevant says:

Give him 100% dark chocolate.

Mary Hasaballa says:

Lindt chocolate is definitely not cheap lol

No B ucks says:

I just ate toblerone :/

Nene Yumi says:

Lindt is cheap? it’s hella expensive in my country lol

RyuSaarva says:

these don’t look like cheap at all, they look like medium price ones, I rather buy actual cheap chocolates which are on sale so I get them extra cheap.

Spongey boy66 says:

The highest rating 5 the lowest-0

Playlist Girl says:

Cmon,Why can chocolate taste bad?

fyz atzey says:

who else wish gordon ramsay to review next?

Sanya Uppal says:

How does he not like lindt!!!


It’s getting annoying that they are all gay men.

jd's slurpee says:

I love the little critiques on the side

PanNdaEXPress AND SpRiTe says:

id rather have a giant heart shaped box full of snickers and kitkats and 3musketeers etc like thatd be greater

theoriginal1971 says:

these brands are already pretty high end in my country :/

Cookie Ana says:

This guy and the pastry chef are actually the only likeable ‘experts’ in this series.

Johanna S says:

0:37 “it’s in a heart shaped box”


Assia El Bahja says:

Lindt is not cheap at all! Here in Spain it’s really expensive!

Ride Red says:


elaine ghirawoo says:

*full of lies* *won’t make you mad* LOL! *DIES*

Jenna Harrison says:

I’ve never been annoyed by one human so much in my life wth

ReaperHunt says:

Is he a bati man

Alx says:

This guys knows NOTHING.

xvxvcaspervxvx says:

I love Ghirardelli! The Sea Salt and Caramel squares are delicious! It’s a good mid-range chocolate. Not cheap and not high end expensive. 3 squares are good for a light after meal treat!

Angie Vano says:

Me and my daughter tell my husband that every valentines. He gets big cheap boxes of crappy chocolate. We tell him we’d rather have a small box of good expensive chocolate. So many people don’t understand what GOOD chocolate is. They think all “chocolate” is chocolate. Pay attention people. Some will actually say “chocolate flavored”….YUCK!!

YAlnajjar says:

“full of lies” “depressing” LOOOL

PaNic!Animations :3 says:

This guy got depressed because the
Caramel was fake!!? I don’t think depressed is the right word.

Ariana The crazy says:

Am I the only person who considers some of these expensive…

ScaryNitro X says:

*”He likes the butter”*

Loryna Garza says:

Aww I loved his review! Great voice.

Dat Boi says:

“Won’t make you mad”.

ninaisnotamazing says:

“not great but fakes it well” same??

sing_angel.60 S says:


irfan pokoyo says:

*want chocholate?*
buy chocholate

Stick figure man says:

Lindt is amazing chocolate! I love it

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